Accelerated Training and Enlightenment

You can temporarily increase the experience your Hero and Shaman earn by using the Accelerated Training and Enlightenment items.

For example, if before your Hero received 1,000,000 experience points for performing certain game actions, after activating the 24-Hour Accelerated Training, 25% boost, the amount of experience will increase to 1,250,000 points for 24 hours.

The "24-Hour Accelerated Training, 25%" and "24-Hour Enlightenment, 25%" items can be purchased in the Item Store for Gold or as part of Bank offers, and received as a reward for entering the game daily.

There are two ways to apply the items:

  1. Opening the Items window, going to the My Items tab, then opening the Bonuses section.
  2. Activating them in the Hero/Shaman tab of the Boosts window, Hero's experience or Shaman's experience category.
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