Disguise is a special item that temporarily hides information from other Jarls, such as the equipment worn by the Hero, and details about the Shaman and the summoned Aes.

Disguise items vary by duration: 1 hour, 8 hours, and 24 hours. You can purchase them in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points and as part of Bank offers. You also have a chance to get them by attacking Uber Invaders.

If you apply several items, their durations are added together. So, if you activate the "1-Hour Disguise," and then the "8-Hour Disguise," the bonus will be active for 9 hours.

There are two ways to apply the items:

  1. Opening the Items window, going to the My Items tab, then to the Military section.
  2. Activating them in the Military tab of the Boosts window, Disguise category.
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