Hero's Double

The Hero's Double is a copy of your Hero that possesses the same stats, Skills, amount of energy, and bonuses from the Hero's equipment. The Hero's and Double's bonuses are not added together, but the experience the Double gains is added to the Hero's experience.

The Hero's Double items vary by duration: 1 day, 7 days, or 30 days. They are available as part of Bank offers. You can also get these items as a reward for visiting the game daily.

There are two ways to apply the items:

  1. Opening the Items window, going to the My Items tab, then to the Military section.
  2. Activating them in the Boosts window, the Hero/Shaman tab, the Summon Double category.
If you apply several items, their durations are added together. So, if you activate the "Hero's Double, 24 Hours," and then the "Hero's Double, 7 Days," the bonus will be active for 8 days.

If the level of your Shrine of Odin is high enough, you can send two troops on a march that will be led by the Hero and the Double. This will allow you to enhance all your warriors with the bonuses from equipment and Skills. The activation of the Hero's Double item doesn't affect the number of marches. If both the Hero and the Double are available for a march, then the Hero will be the first to go on the march.

The amount of energy available is shared between the Hero and the Double. Note that the Hero can only have one Double. If you already have one copy of the Hero and you activate the Hero's Double, their durations will be added together.

You can see the icon of the activated Double in the Hero tab of the Hero's Abode.

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