Clans Battle. Scoring points

To earn points in the Clans Battle, each participant must complete tasks set by the Competition.

Points are earned in both the home and enemy Kingdoms. But you receive more points for actions performed in the enemy's territory.

Points count towards both personal and Clan achievements. You can view them in the relevant individual tabs.

There are seven task categories in total:

  1. Battles in Towns and resource locations
  2. Battles in the Place of Power
  3. Battles in the Clan Stronghold
  4. Killing enemy warriors
  5. Hunting Invaders and Ghosts, yielding resources in resource locations
  6. Training, healing, and resurrecting warriors
  7. Increasing Influence and developing the Clan Stronghold

The "Increasing Influence and developing the Clan Stronghold" category has three subcategories of tasks. Each subcategory has its own rules for earning points:

  • Points in the "Earn Influence in the Clan Stronghold" and "Transform resources in the Clan Stronghold" subcategories are only counted towards Clan achievements, not towards the personal achievements of the Chief or Elders.
  • Points in the "Earn Influence" subcategory (learning Knowledge in the Oracle and constructing and upgrading buildings in the Towns of the Clan members) count towards personal and Clan achievements.

If the Clan reaches the checkpoints in the Clans Battle only as a result of points earned for developing the Clan Stronghold, the Chief receives all the notifications and rewards. If the Clan wins the Competition, the Clan members and its Chief don't receive the rewards for victory (however, bonuses for speeding up processes in the Town and the Stronghold are active for all Clan members, even in this case).

Remember: if a Jarl joins the Clan after the Competition is announced and becomes the Clan Chief, the Clan stops earning points for developing the Stronghold.

To win the Competition, a Clan must lead by points in the most categories. If the opponents succeed in an equal number of categories, the Clan that earned the most points overall wins.

If your Clan wins the Battle, each Clan member who earned at least one point will get a reward set by the Competition.

Please note: in the Clans Battle, Jarls only earn points for kills when killing warriors from the opposing Clan and troops led by jötunns.

The following rules apply in the Clans Battle:

  • You need to join a Clan at least 30 minutes before the Competition is announced, i.e. before the Clans Battle appears in the "Soon to be active" block of the Events window. Otherwise, you won't earn points for the Clan and won't receive rewards even if you complete all the necessary tasks.
  • If during the Competition one of the two competing Clans is disbanded, it will lose all its earned points. The other Clan becomes the winner and continues to earn points for completing all tasks that don't require killing enemy warriors.
  • If you quit the Clan before the Competition ends, you won't receive rewards for new Clan achievements.
  • If tasks in the Clans Battle are the same as the tasks in clan or personal Competitions, then points are awarded for all Competitions.
  • You will receive rewards for personal achievements if your Clan wins the Competition.
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