Chats: general information

You can communicate with other Vikings in several chats:

  • Common Chat is available for all Jarls from the same Kingdom.
  • Clan Chat is for communication between clanmates, it appears when you join a Clan.
  • Alliance Chat allows Jarls from the same Alliance to communicate, wherever they are.
  • Jotunheim Chat is for Vikings who have gone to the vast lands of the icy world.
  • Asgard Chat is for those who have relocated to Asgard.
  • Homeland Chat is used for communication between warriors from the same Kingdom during global Competitions.
  • Foreign Land Chat replaces Common Chat when you are in the enemy Kingdom during global Competitions.
  • Chiefs Chat allows all Chiefs from the same Kingdom to coordinate their actions.

In chat, you can share coordinates that other Jarls will be able to use to go to the specified location.

To send the coordinates of a landmark, hit the "+" button in the chat window and choose the required landmark.

To send the coordinates of any location to a chat, type them in your message in the format "X:Y", where X is a number on the X-axis, and Y is a number on the Y-axis. For example, if the location has the coordinates X:386, Y:833, then you would enter "386:833" in order to share them in the chat.

In chats, the in-game system can automatically activate a delayed sending function for messages. If this delay function is on, you will see a block with a timer instead of a field for entering text. The timer shows the time left until you can write to the chat again.

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