Monsters of Jotunheim

Monsters of Jotunheim are special Invaders and Ghosts that dwell only in Jotunheim.

Please note:

  • Monsters of Jotunheim don't have levels and have a huge amount of health.
  • After they are destroyed, resource locations don't appear in their place.
  • To attack Monsters, the "Unlock Invaders I" and "Unlock Ghosts I" Knowledge must be learned.
  • The Troll and Egir's Votary cannot be found by using the Navigator, but you can find them by using the mini-map.
  • Bonuses that affect Invaders/Ghosts, affect Monsters of Jotunheim as well.
  • The Troll and Egir's Votary always appear in certain places.
  • You can find out information about Monsters in the Events window.

Attack Monsters of Jotunheim during the legendary Battle for the Throne Competition and get special Coffers as a reward. There are eight types and six levels of these Coffers. The more powerful the hit, the richer the trophies. You will earn Coffers of all types for defeating a Monster.

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