Upgrading troops

The stats of all troop types can be upgraded in the Valkyries' Citadel. To build it, your Palace needs to be at least level 12. The Valkyries' Citadel cannot be demolished once it is built.

Increasing the Valkyries' Citadel's level gives access to warrior upgrades of higher tiers. In the building, you will find an upgrade tree for each troop type. In order to get detailed info on an upgrade, hit its icon.

You can upgrade troops over time in exchange for resources or instantly for Gold. If you decide to cancel the action after the upgrading process has started, the resources spent won't be returned.

The upgrade cost for all troop types starts at the same level. After the first upgrade (let's say, for example, that you chose melee troops), the cost for the other troop types (ranged, cavalry, killers, siege, and scouts) will increase to level 2.

When you upgrade a new troop type, the upgrade cost for the remaining troop types increases. E.g. you upgraded melee and choose to upgrade killers next. The upgrade cost for all other troop types (ranged, cavalry, siege troops, and scouts) increases to the third level. One more troop type will increase the cost to the fourth level, etc.

Think carefully about which troop type you should upgrade first — its upgrade cost will be substantially lower. The higher the cost level, the more Influence and Hero's and Shaman's experience you will receive when the upgrade process is completed.

The upgrade mechanic has some unique features.

  • Troop upgrade is a unique process that doesn't depend on warrior training, construction, equipment crafting, or Knowledge learning.
  • Free autocomplete, including the one from VIP status, doesn't apply to this process.
  • Only one troop upgrade can be running at one time. The Second Craftsman and the Prophet don't affect the number of these processes.
  • In order to reduce the time required to upgrade troops, you can use common boosts and also request help from your clanmates and allies.
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