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Jul 15, 2021

The Clans Battle: what happens if a Clan gets disbanded

In Vikings: War of Clans, the Clans Battle is one of the oldest Competitions, but players still occasionally have questions about some aspects of it. We're now going to explain what happens if your Clan or an enemy Clan gets disbanded at various stag

Jun 10, 2021

Update: Seasons, tier VIII warriors, and much more

After a brief hiatus to optimize gameplay, we've once again got loads of changes and new big features for you. Added: Seasons These are new events that will be periodically held in the North. Take part in seasonal personal Competitions, earn Runic Co

Jan 25, 2021

Why it's important to restart the game

In Vikings: War of Clans, some events and rewards appear on a timed basis. That's why you need to restart the game from time to time, in order to see any new information. When you restart the game, the following things refresh: - The Events window: T

Jan 23, 2021

I have a Plarium ID. Why can't I restore my game progress?

This issue usually arises among players who created a Plarium ID on a mobile device but didn't authorize it in the Plarium Play app or on plarium.com. You can do so as follows: Open the Plarium Play app or go to plarium.com. Hit the "Log in" button.

Jan 23, 2021

Support for streamers and content creators

We know how much effort goes into creating high-quality videos and developing your own channel, so we launched the Support Program for Streamers and Content Creators. Here are brief answers to some frequently asked questions about the Program. What s

Jan 21, 2021

The In-Game Rules of Vikings: War of Clans

The Viking world is open to everybody, and it is very important to maintain order in it. That's why we put together the In-Game Rules, which specify what actions in Vikings: War of Clans are allowed and what actions are prohibited. These Rules are a

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