About the cache, canned responses, and more

Our Support Team receives thousands of questions. We've answered the most popular of them and busted some myths about the Team's work.

If I contact the Support Team via the in-game form and on the support portal at the same time, will my issue be resolved more quickly?

No, these actions won't speed up the process of resolving the issue. We are always happy to talk to you, but it's better to choose one method of communication, describe the issue in detail, and refrain from sending repeated requests. Don't worry: your question won't get lost, and you'll definitely receive an answer!

We have an issue that relates to our whole Clan. Would it be better if every Clan member submitted a request?

A request from every Clan member won't speed up the process of finding a solution. It would be more effective if your Clan were represented by one person, the Chief, for example.

If it turns out that the issue concerns game accounts, it will be resolved in direct communication with their owners.

Why do you use canned responses to questions?

Canned responses help us answer your questions more quickly during times of increased demand and process the most popular requests promptly.

We constantly update our responses so that all players receive the fullest answer as soon as possible. Using canned responses doesn't in any way affect the quality of how we process your requests. All your questions are answered by real employees, who thoroughly check all information received.

Why do you recommend that we clear the cache?

It is often the case that errors occur because of cache issues or inadequacies regarding a device's technical specifications. If you clear the cache, reinstall the app, or try launching it on other devices, you will help our Support Team exclude a range of possible reasons for your issue.

In addition, the result of these actions can help the Support Team determine which specialist your request should be forwarded to.

Why do you request so much information when I contact you? Don't you have all the necessary data?

In order to be able to solve issues quickly and effectively, we need to narrow down the search area. If we search for the data ourselves, that increases the time required to provide an answer, and we don't want to make you wait.

Moreover, if the question relates to restoring access to an account, we must be 100% sure that we are communicating with its owner.

Why do all Competitions start at night?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. At night, the server load is at a minimum, which reduces the possibility of errors when running Competitions.
  2. Vikings: War of Clans is popular all around the world, and people from various time zones play it. That's why the selected period is optimal.

Why is technical maintenance sometimes carried out during global Competitions?

We carry out technical maintenance during large events only in cases of force majeure, and we do our best to minimize such cases.

Why have some issues that have existed for a long time still not been resolved?

We try to fix all issues as quickly as we can, but the following factors can make this process take longer:

  • Technical difficulties when recreating the error in order to test and fix it
  • Lack of technical information about the error
  • Interrelation with other elements of the system. We have to make sure that fixing a certain issue won't affect the key mechanics of the game

Despite all of this, we pay attention to all requests and do our best to provide you with a quality product so that you can enjoy the game.

We highly appreciate feedback from you and thank you for being active.

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