The In-Game Rules of Vikings: War of Clans

The Viking world is open to everybody, and it is very important to maintain order in it. That's why we put together the In-Game Rules, which specify what actions in Vikings: War of Clans are allowed and what actions are prohibited.

These Rules are a part of the Terms of Use. Their purpose is to maintain equal and fair conditions for all Jarls, as well as ensure a comfortable gaming experience and mutual respect among players.

Here is a brief summary of the actions that are prohibited in Vikings: War of Clans:

  • Transferring access to your account or demanding access to another player's account (or hacking it).
  • Breaking the game's balance: we are against fixing fights, losing on purpose, conspiring, influencing the process of opponent assignment, and earning points in Competitions by bypassing the system.
  • Using your account for commercial purposes: buying or selling accounts, resources, and other game-related or non-game-related valuables is prohibited.
  • Manipulating the Bank.
  • Hindering other Jarls' enjoyment of the game experience or impeding the Support Team's work.
  • Using inappropriate information in chats, names (of Towns, Clans, or Strongholds), nicknames, Hero names, etc.: flooding, bulk messaging, placing commercials, insults, threats, using offensive language, promoting drug and alcohol abuse, slander, using players' personal data, etc.

These are only some of the regulations. You can find the full list in the In-Game Rules section.

What you should do if you have noticed a violation of the In-Game Rules

  1. Take a screenshot or record a video of the screen to confirm the violation. Take a screenshot of the violator's profile as well. These will help us figure out the issue as soon as possible and take measures accordingly.
  2. Contact our Support Team. You can do so via the feedback form in the Game Guide section or by hitting the "Ask a question" button in the game Menu.
  3. In the feedback form, enter your details: your name, email address, the platform on which you are playing, and the language in which you would like to receive the response.
  4. Select the "Violation of the Terms of Use" question type and the "Complain about another player" question issue.
  5. Briefly describe what exactly happened and attach screenshots or a video that show the violation.
  6. Hit the "Send" button.

Read more about how to fill out the feedback form in the "Recommendations for contacting support" section.

Remember that if another player causes you offense by breaking the rules, the player can be blocked. Read more about how to do so in the Blacklist section.

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