Why it is dangerous to transfer your account data

In Vikings: War of Clans, you can link your account to various services in order to save your game progress and restore it if necessary. Some users transfer access to their account in these services to other people without realizing what consequences this can have.

Transferring, selling, and buying accounts in the game are prohibited

Access to Vikings: War of Clans is provided based on the Terms of Use. Subclause 2.1 of clause 2 of the In-Game Rules lists prohibited actions, such as:

  • Any form of Account access transfer to third parties, including temporary exchanges.
  • Demanding access to another person's Account.
  • Performing an unauthorized login or hacking into another person's Account.

If you violate these terms, Plarium has the right to block your account or even delete it. In addition, transferring your account to third parties may violate the policies of your selected service.

Transferring an account may lead to a leak of personal data

Participants in the transferal of the account exchange various information, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, and payment details. You cannot be sure how the other party will use this data. At best, you may start receiving spam on your phone or email. At worst, money from your bank account may be stolen, or you may become implicated in criminal activity.

Plarium won't be able to help you

If somebody has logged in to your account from a mobile device, then changing your sync password for Plarium ID, Apple ID, Facebook, Game Center, and Google Play won't help you block the access. The game doesn't request authorization every time the app is launched, so until the device's owner logs in to another account, they will have access to your account.

The only exceptions to this are running the game on plarium.com or in the Plarium Play launcher. When you change the password there, all other devices automatically log out from all account sessions on these services.

We don't have the ability to manage payments that are related to having shared access to an account. If you fall victim to a scam, we won't be able to help you get back the money you've lost. Please remember that our Support Team doesn't handle requests from users who were found to be responsible for violating the Terms of Use.

How to protect yourself

The single best course of action is simply not to transfer your account data to third parties. You should also use our sync system for various devices.

Sometimes we can restore access to lost Vikings: War of Clans accounts. If you suspect that other people are logging in to your account, please contact support.

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