Update: nine new Aesir

Also, 20 VIP levels, 10 levels for the Jarl Almighty achievement, and more.

  • Nine Aesir

The Element of Earth — Heimdallr, Freyja, and Odin.

The Element of Fire — Loki, Sif, and Baldr.

The Element of Ice — Thor, Njord, and Egir.

Summon them and enhance them up to level 10, their max level.

  • Ten new levels for nine of the existing Aesir

Upgrade Vidar, Váli, Ullr, Skadi, Týr, Vár, Honir, Magni, and Forseti up to level 20.

Eir, Gefjon, Jord, Bragi, Frigg, Idun, Módi, Freyr, and Mimir still have 10 levels, as previously.

  • Ten levels for the Jarl Almighty achievement

Upgrade it up to level 20.

  • The Gold tab in the Bank

We've removed it, but Gold can still be purchased as part of Bank offers.

  • Subscription windows

Now you can see the quantity of items and resources you will receive for the whole time the subscription is active, not just for one day.

  • Forts in Holmgang

We've added more scouts to Forts of all levels. We've also added more resources and warriors to Forts of levels 8 and 9, and the defenders of these high-level Forts have become stronger.

  • The Throne of Jotunheim's capacity

The limit of reinforcements is now 450,000,000 warriors.

Added upon players' requests:
  • Twenty VIP levels

There are now 60 levels of VIP status, and you will receive the new bonuses starting from level 41.

  • Clan points in the Holmgang window

Under the Clans' names in the picture that shows the score, you will see how many points participants earned by killing warriors during Holmgang.

These points are used to determine the winner if the opponents' score for destroying Forts is tied.

  • Relocating from enemy Kingdoms during the Kingdoms Battle: Fury

In order to change Kingdoms during the Competition, you don't have to return to your home Kingdom first.

Changed upon players' requests:
  • Hero's energy and Shaman's power limit

The maximum amount of both is now 5,000,000 units.

  • Using items for refreshing Tasks

You can now use 1,000 Task Refresher items at once.

This feature unlocks at VIP level 31 for Personal Tasks, level 32 for Premium Tasks, and level 33 for Clan Tasks.

  • Resource locations

They now have more resources, and yielding speed has been increased. These changes don't affect Invaders' Lairs or Ghosts' Shelters.

  • The trillion abbreviation in the mobile and web versions of the game

T = Trillion. If your Clan has earned 3T Influence, congratulations! We await you in Holmgang.

  • An error whereby Influence wasn't changing after battles against Paladins.
  • The Uber Invader animation when fighting the Hero.
  • A bug in the Paladin tutorial that was appearing if the player's Town was located in an enemy Kingdom.

In order to update the game, we'll be carrying out some technical maintenance. You won't be able to log in to the game during that time, but after the maintenance is over, you'll receive a reward.

❗ Don't forget to upgrade Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version, since the previous version may not work correctly.

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