Update: Seasons, tier VIII warriors, and much more

After a brief hiatus to optimize gameplay, we've once again got loads of changes and new big features for you.


  • Seasons

These are new events that will be periodically held in the North. Take part in seasonal personal Competitions, earn Runic Coins, and purchase unique sets of items, as well as Town and Hero's Skins in the Seasonal Store. Read more about Seasons here.

  • Personalized assortments of Quests

The system for generating your assortments of daily, weekly, and monthly Quests, as well as their difficulty and the rewards for completing them have been revised. New Quests will appear when the Quest list is next updated.

  • Helheim access from Palace level 10

In order for you to enter Helheim, your Palace now needs to be at least level 10. This change has been introduced to improve game balance. Jarls with lower Palace levels won't be able to explore Helheim. Access will be provided once again after the aforementioned requirement has been met. Don't worry – all the progress you have earned will be saved.

  • Sending the coordinates of a Fortress under Onslaught

The ability to share the coordinates of a Fortress that is the target of an Onslaught has been added.

  • The Holmgang category in the Clans ranking

You can now view your Clan's place in the global ranking based on the number of victories in Holmgang.

  • Changes to bonuses from achievements

The bonuses from the "King of the North" and "Among the Strongest" achievements, as well as from one secret achievement, have been increased. The conditions for obtaining the achievements are still the same.

  • Improved resource transformation in the Stronghold

The maximum amount of resources that can be transformed in the Clan Stronghold has been increased.

  • Updated battle reports

They now show the number of Soul Shards that you've earned.

  • A new principle for distributing the levels of Forts

The system for distributing the levels of Forts in Holmgang has been changed. Opponents' Fortresses can now differ in terms of their levels, but the sum of the levels of one Clan's Forts will always be equal to the sum of the levels of the other Clan's Forts in all phases. Thus, the opposing Clans each have the opportunity to earn an equal number of points. Read more about Forts here.

Added at players' requests:

  • New uses for Soul Shards

Now you can spend the Soul Shards you've accumulated not just on enhancing Aesir and learning secret Knowledge, but also on upgrading buildings to new levels, as well as on training tier VIII warriors and upgrading their stats in the Valkyries' Citadel.

  • New building levels

You can now upgrade buildings in your Town up to level 40. Some administrative buildings will provide additional military bonuses once they reach level 36:

  • Forge – increased troop defense
  • Workshop – increased troop health
  • Rune Workshop – increased troop offense during an attack
  • Hero's Abode – increased troop defense during an attack
  • Hall of Mysteries – increased troop health during an attack
  • War Bloc – increased number of warriors in an Onslaught
  • Sanctuary of the Aesir – increased Aesir recovery speed
  • Tier VIII warriors

Even stronger and tougher warriors are ready to join your ranks. Having visited the realm of Hel, they have returned to Midgard, and now they feel neither fear nor pain.

  • Second-stage secret Knowledge

From Oracle level 36, new secret Knowledge will be available to you that will substantially increase your troops' stats, including during battles for Towns and Fortresses, and allow you to upgrade your tier VIII warriors separately.

There is one special piece of Knowledge among the new ones: Bloodlust. It provides a unique temporary bonus to the offense of your troops while attacking Towns, but you cannot use a Peace Treaty while the bonus is active. Read more about Bloodlust here.

  • A warning about spending Gold and Marks of Resolve

There's no longer any need to worry that you might spend Gold by accidentally hitting the wrong button. We've added a warning about spending Gold on training, healing, and resurrecting warriors, upgrading buildings, Knowledge, troops, and enhancing Aesir. The same warning will appear when you purchase items by spending Marks of Resolve in the Helheim Store.

  • More information about Invaders and Ghosts

The window containing detailed information about Invaders and Ghosts will now show how long they are due to remain on the Global Map, as well as all the special materials and runes that you can obtain by attacking them.

  • Supreme Ghosts

This is a new type of Ghost on the Global Map. Supreme Ghosts have substantially more health than level 6 Ghosts. It is more difficult to defeat them, but the reward for doing so will be bigger.

  • Changes to the Clan Store

The list of offers and their prices in the Clan Store and the Item Catalog have been updated.


  • An issue that caused the information in the window of the Holmgang epic Competition to be incorrectly displayed when a Clan didn't participate in it.
  • An issue that caused the Silver Production bonus from Hero's equipment to be incorrectly displayed in statistics.
  • A bug that sent push messages about node exploration in Helheim even though push messages were switched off in the settings.
  • The sound of opening windows during an attack on an Invader.
  • An issue that caused the health of Invaders that were under attack to be incorrectly displayed in the Navigator.
  • An internal game error while attempting to change a profile pic that was previously selected on plarium.com in Plarium Play.
  • An issue that caused the game to be incorrectly displayed when scaling the browser window.

❗ During the update, access to the game will be restricted, but once technical maintenance is complete, you will receive a reward. For the application to work correctly, please update Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version.

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