Clan Store

The Clan Store is available to Jarls who are Clan members. To go to the Clan Store, hit the Clans icon at the bottom of the screen and then hit Store.

The Clan Store contains four sections: Clan Store, Catalog, Asgard Store, and History.

In the Catalog, the Chief and Elders can procure items for the Clan Store using Prowess Points. After that, Clan members can purchase these items from the Clan Store using Loyalty Points.

Jarls receive Loyalty and Prowess Points for the following actions:

  • Completing Clan Tasks
  • Helping clanmates — a Jarl receives 2,000 Loyalty Points for themselves and 2,000 Prowess Points for their Clan for each time they help clanmates, up to a maximum of 200,000 Loyalty and Prowess points each per day.

If a Jarl becomes the Konung, they receive 10,000,000 Loyalty Points every 24 hours while the Place of Power has Open or Guarded status.

Some items are available in the Clan Store in unlimited quantities.

In the Asgard Store, the Chief can spend Medals of the Aesir to purchase items and pieces of equipment, which they can then send to other members of their Clan. Read more about this in the "Battle for Asgard. End of the Competition and rewards" subsection.

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