Vikings: War of Clans fan kit

All the materials can be used for free in accordance with the Vikings: War of Clans Fan Kit Terms of Use.

Vikings: War of Clans now has its own fan kit! "What's one of those?" I hear you cry.

The fan kit is a collection of official media materials, which you can use to design your own game-related content, like an image for a stream, an illustration for news, a meme, or anything else.

Currently, the fan kit contains:

  • Images of the main characters from the game
  • Art of the holiday Invaders
  • Holiday illustrations
  • Backgrounds
  • High-resolution wallpapers
  • Sketches 

As updates are released and new characters and mechanics are introduced, we will add up-to-date materials to this collection.

To download the archive with the fan kit, follow the link.