Helping clanmates

You can send a reinforcement or convoy of resources to any member of your Clan. You can also exchange personal messages with any Clan member. All these actions are performed in the Membership tab of the Clan window. Hit the "Action" button next to the relevant Jarl and select one of the options.

Convoys of resources take no more than one hour to move between Towns of Clan members, even if there is a very great distance between them. The higher the level of the Market, the faster resource convoys will travel.

When you join a Clan, you can speed up some processes in your clanmates' Towns. To do this, you need to hit the special "Help clanmates" icon.

Every time you help, you will earn 2,000 Prowess Points and the same number of Loyalty Points (which will be useful in the Clan Store) and will speed up the process by 1 minute or 1% (the higher value is selected automatically). You can receive a maximum of 200,000 points per day this way.

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