Inlaying gems into equipment

In the Inlay tab of the Workshop, you can inlay gems or remove them from your equipment.

The better the equipment type, the more slots it has:

  • Simple and Usual equipment — 1 slot for a gem
  • Unusual and Rare equipment — 2 slots for gems
  • Epic equipment — 3 slots for gems
  • Legendary equipment — 3 slots for gems and 1 slot for a rune

The number of slots for pieces of Legendary equipment that you can upgrade also depends on their upgrade level. At level 12, an additional slot for a gem is unlocked, and at level 15, an additional slot for a rune is unlocked.

Gems can only be inlaid if the following conditions have been met:

  • The equipment's quality should allow this action, i.e. the equipment should have at least one free slot for a gem.
  • The class of the gem cannot be higher than the type of the equipment into which it is being inlaid: you won't be able to inlay an Unusual, Rare, Epic, or Legendary gem into Usual equipment, for example. Only a Simple or Usual gem can be inlaid into equipment of that type.
  • You cannot inlay multiple identical gems (for example, two Opals) into one piece of equipment.

The process of inlaying gems into equipment is carried out instantly and without spending resources.

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