Bloodlust is a secret Knowledge of the second stage in the Towns category. It differs from other pieces of Knowledge, and we recommend that you read carefully about how it works before learning it.

Bonus from this Knowledge

The Bloodlust Knowledge gives a unique temporary bonus to the offense of your troops when attacking Towns.

While the bonus is active, you cannot use a Peace Treaty.

Bloodlust is activated automatically when you send your troops to other Jarls' Towns to perform an attack, an Onslaught, or espionage. The bonus is active for a certain period of time, depending on the Knowledge level.

If the target of your attack, Onslaught, or espionage is a resource location or a Fortress, the Bloodlust bonus will not be activated.

When the bonus is active, you can view its duration:

  • In the Boosts icon on the Town screen and on the Global Map
  • In the Military tab of the Boosts window, under the Peace Shield category
The bonus is activated the moment your troops go on a march or when you organize an Onslaught, so you need to carefully plan the time of your attack.

Let's say you're attacking another Jarl's Town, the Bloodlust bonus is active for 30 seconds, and your troops' march time is one minute. If you don't use a Marching Speed-up item, your troops will get to the enemy Town when the Bloodlust bonus has already expired and fight without the bonus.

Another example: let's say you send your troops on an Onslaught or organize an Onslaught yourself, and the Bloodlust bonus is activated at the moment you do so. If the duration of the bonus is shorter than the time taken to form the Onslaught, your troops will fight without this increase to their offense when attacking the enemy Town.

Every attack, Onslaught, or espionage that you direct at an enemy Town activates the Bloodlust bonus anew. That is, if you perform one of these activities while the bonus is active, the countdown of its duration will start over again.

Let's return to our last example: the Bloodlust bonus has expired, but the army that is going to perform the Onslaught is still marching towards the enemy Town. In this case, you can send a troop to attack another Jarl's Town, causing the bonus to be reactivated. Your warriors on the Onslaught will also receive the bonus to their offense while attacking the Town.

Learning this Knowledge

To unlock the Bloodlust Knowledge, learn the previous pieces of secret Knowledge of the second stage in the Towns category that are connected with Bloodlust.

When the Knowledge is available to be learned, select the conditions for the upgrade: instantly in exchange for Gold or over time in exchange for Soul Shards.

Before you upgrade this Knowledge to level 1, you will see a warning about the Bloodlust bonus being activated in every attack, Onslaught, or espionage performed in other Jarls' Towns and your inability to use a Peace Treaty while the bonus is active.

Having upgraded the Knowledge to level 1, you won't be able to prevent the Bloodlust bonus from activating.

If you are sure that you want to upgrade the Knowledge, tick the checkbox next to "I understand and wish to continue" and hit the "Continue" button.

By upgrading the Knowledge to higher levels, you increase the value of the bonus and its duration.

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