Upgrading secret Knowledge

To learn secret Knowledge, you will need Soul Shard items. Read more about how to get them in the "Special items" subsection.

The number of all the Soul Shards that you have is displayed in the Resources section of the My Items tab.

To upgrade secret Knowledge, you need to select its icon and choose how you want to perform the upgrade: instantly (in exchange for Gold) or over time (using Soul Shards).

Various boosts, VIP status, and other bonuses affect secret Knowledge in the same way as main Knowledge (exception: reducing the cost of learning Knowledge doesn't affect learning Knowledge in exchange for Soul Shards).

Remember that you can generally upgrade only one Knowledge at a time, unless you use the special Prophet item, which allows you to learn two pieces of Knowledge at a time.

When upgrading secret Knowledge, a system is applied that increases the upgrade cost, but this system works independently for each stage.

That means that if you upgrade any pieces of Knowledge in one stage, this won't affect the upgrade cost for secret Knowledge in the other stage.

This system functions as follows: the upgrade cost for secret Knowledge starts at the same level in all categories. However, after upgrading Knowledge in one category, the upgrade cost for the remaining categories increases to the next level.

After the first upgrade of secret Knowledge in one category (let's say you choose the Attacking branch), the cost for secret Knowledge in the other categories (Defending and Fortresses I) increases to the second level.

When you upgrade secret Knowledge in the next category, the upgrade cost for Knowledge in the remaining category increases. For example, let's say you've already learned Attacking, and you then decide to learn Knowledge from the Defending branch. In this case, the upgrade cost for the Fortresses I category increases to the third level.

If you start learning the first secret Knowledge in any category (thus causing the cost level of the remaining categories to increase) and then cancel this process, the cost levels will return to their initial state. However, the Soul Shards you spent won't be refunded.

For example, let's say you decide to learn the first Knowledge in the Attacking category. At this point, all three categories are still at the first cost level. When you start learning, the cost of the secret Knowledge in the Defending and Fortresses I categories will increase to the second level. If you change your mind and cancel the process, the cost level in the Defending and Fortresses I categories will reset to the first level.

Think carefully about which category of secret Knowledge you should choose first — its upgrade cost will be substantially lower.

The higher the cost level, the more Influence and Hero's and Shaman's experience you will get for learning Knowledge.

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