The mini-map is a special mode of the Global Map that displays all important objects. To open it, hit the corresponding icon on the Global Map.

The mini-map icon is only available in the Kingdom where your Town is located.

By using the mini-map, you can always view where your Town is located in relation to the Place of Power.

The mini-map also displays:

  • Fortresses — Place of Power, your Clan Stronghold, Towers of Fury, Throne of Jotunheim, and Forts on the Islands of Trials
  • Locations — resource location zones on the Global Map
  • Landmarks — special marks that you place on the Global Map
  • Clanmates — Towns of Jarls from your Clan
  • Enemies — Towns of enemy Jarls (only during the Clans Battle and Holmgang Competitions)
  • Monsters — special Invaders and Ghosts in Jotunheim

You can only see the Clan Stronghold on the mini-map of your home Kingdom.

You can configure the objects displayed on the mini-map by using filters. You can apply several filters at once.

If you select an object on the mini-map, the Global Map will open, and you will proceed to the point at the corresponding coordinates.

The mini-map refreshes when opened, but no more than once a minute.

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