Accidental spending of in-game currency or performing actions by mistake

Our Support Team often receives messages from players who have accidentally spent in-game currency or performed actions on an account by mistake. We consider every message of this kind individually, because not every game process can be canceled on our end due to the technical complexity of the processes themselves.

We cannot cancel the following processes or refund any Gold that was spent on them:

  • Upgrading buildings
  • Learning Knowledge
  • Upgrading troops in the Valkyries' Citadel
  • Upgrading VIP level

In other cases, we accommodate our players' requests:

  • Refunding Gold that was spent on purchasing a large number of items
  • Refunding Gold that was spent on training, healing, and resurrecting warriors
  • Refunding Gold that was spent on fusing runes
  • Canceling accidental purchases in the Clan Store and refunding any Loyalty and Prowess Points that were spent
  • Canceling accidental purchases in the Seasonal Store and refunding any Runic Coins that were spent
  • Recovering troops that were accidentally dismissed
  • Recovering gems, runes, or pieces of equipment that were accidentally destroyed or dismantled
  • Canceling moving to another Kingdom using the Drakkar item during a global Competition
  • Canceling boosts that were activated by mistake*

* As there are lots of different boosts in Vikings: War of Clans, you might have to take a different course of action depending on what type of boost you have activated by mistake.

For example, if you applied several months' worth of Peace Treaty or VIP Status Activation items by mistake, you can reduce their duration and refund the Gold for the boosts that you don't want to use. To do so, please contact the Support Team.

If you activated a large number of short-term boosts by mistake (for example, "3-Hour Reduced Enemy Offense, 20%" x250), you need to substitute the applied boost by activating the same boost with a different bonus value (10-Minute Reduced Enemy Offense, 30%). If you don't have the necessary item, contact our Support Team as soon as possible so that we can help you.

In your message, please provide the following information:

  • The identification number (ID) of the account (you can find this in the User ID section of the Menu).
  • The date and time when the erroneous purchase was made.
  • The exact names of the items, runes, pieces of equipment, and/or other in-game valuables that you want to return.
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