Why you need to clear the cache

The cache is an intermediate storage area for the information on your device. The game receives data from the cache without any delays or recalculations. It is, therefore, easier to retrieve information from the cache than it is to request data from the server. This helps the game load repeating elements and increases the app's performance.

For example, when you go to the Global Map and then return to your Town's screen, the textures of the buildings are loaded. These textures are already in the cache, so the game doesn't have to access the server every time in order to get them.

Storing such elements lowers the risks that we described in the article entitled "Problems with the game server connection."

The cache receives information not only from the game but also from your phone, computer, and plug-ins that load data for payments and synchronization (Google Play, the App Store, and Facebook). We cannot in any way affect these processes because they happen on external servers.

How the cache works

Storing game elements in the cache speeds up the app's performance, but sometimes it can cause some issues that arise from how the game interacts with the cache.

  1. While the game is launching, frequently used information is downloaded into the cache.
  2. When you do anything in the game, the app first searches for the necessary data in the cache. If this data is in the cache, the app retrieves it, and you see the result of your action on the screen.
  3. If the relevant data is not in the cache, the inquiry goes to the servers.

Issues can arise when the game accesses the cache.

  • Some of the data may get lost during the transfer process. This doesn't influence how the app launches, but the cache receives incomplete or damaged information.
  • The server may update data that has already been downloaded into the cache. This mostly happens when the game is updated.

In such cases, the app accesses the cache but finds data that doesn't correspond to the information stored on the server. The game retrieves this data and tries to use it but is unable to understand what exactly you want to do. Errors and visual distortions appear as a result.

Why we recommend that you clear the cache

The data that was lost by the cache and that is thus causing the issues can be located, but doing so would slow down the game substantially. So, if you notice an error, please try clearing the cache.

The web version of Vikings: War of Clans is downloaded into the browser cache in full. If you notice a bug or are kicked out of the game, this is probably the result of issues related to the transfer of information.

When you clear the cache, you give the server a command to load all the necessary data all over again. It's better to clear the cache several times in succession in order to make sure that nothing gets lost.

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