Update: Raven Towers

Also, a translator in chats and Mail, Shaman Sets, new items for your Hero and Shaman, and more.

  • Raven Towers

Those are additional Clan Fortresses that acquire Siege status together with the Clan Stronghold. Clan Chiefs can build them in the Valley of the Aesir. For your Clan to be able to build Raven Towers, your Clan's Tower of Odin must have been upgraded to level 6, and you need to have learned a certain number of pieces of Knowledge in the Hall of Glory.

Read more about Raven Towers in the Game Guide, which can be found both in the game itself and on the portal.

Added upon players' requests:
  • An automatic translator

There's now an automatic translator that you can use in chats and Mail. This means you can translate messages from other Jarls into the language that you play the game in.

  • Shaman Sets

A Shaman Set is a selection of Shamans' equipment. Create multiple Sets so you can quickly switch between them in various situations. To unlock slots for Shaman Sets, you need special items — Wisdom Points.

Read more about Shaman Sets in the Game Guide, which can be found both in the game itself and on the portal.

  • New items for your Hero and Shamans

These items are used to activate a Hero Set or a Shaman Set and immediately inlay its equipment with the gems and runes saved in the Set. You must have these runes and gems in your Inventory. The Quick-Change item is for your Hero, and the Metamorphosis item is for your Shamans.

Read more about the new items in the "Items for the Hero" and the "Items for Shamans" subsection of the Game Guide, which can be found both in the game itself and on the portal.

  • Assigning one Repute to multiple Jarls

The same Repute can be assigned to several Jarls. It costs nothing to assign a Repute to the first Jarl, but it'll cost you Gold to assign it to the second and all subsequent Jarls. The option to assign a Repute for 30 minutes is also now available.

  • A confirmation window when spending Gold to purchase Task Refreshers

Now, when you buy and apply items for refreshing Tasks in bulk, a window appears where you'll need to confirm that you want to spend Gold.

  • Indication of your Hero's and Shaman's presence in garrisons

If your Hero, Hero's Double, or Shaman is taking part in a march on a resource location, this will be visible in the Garrisons tab of the Shrine of Odin. You will see the corresponding symbols on the location icon.

  • The position of sliders in buildings for transforming Clan resources

Now, when you open the Transformation tab in the Clan Stronghold's buildings, the sliders for the amount of resources and the time for transforming them are initially in the rightmost position.

  • The limit on purchases made in exchange for Gold

The previous limit on one purchase was 100M Gold; the new one is 5B Gold. This means that you can buy or simultaneously buy and apply items with a total value of up to 5B Gold. However, Coffers with random contents have an additional limitation — you can only apply no more than 100K of such items at once.

  • The limit on applying items for refreshing Tasks

You can apply a maximum of 10,000 items for refreshing a list of Personal, Clan, and Premium Tasks at a time.

  • Displaying novice's rewards

New Jarls can now see all the rewards that they will receive if they log in to the game for seven days after they've completed the tutorial.

  • Displaying Gold in the Barracks

If you decide to train a large number of warriors in exchange for Gold, you will see a rounded price. Select it to view the exact value.

  • The order in which active boosts are displayed

We've fixed the manner in which boosts are sorted in the web version of the game — they are now sorted according to the amount of time left until they expire. Boosts that will expire sooner are placed higher.

In order to update the game, we'll be carrying out some technical maintenance. You won't be able to log in to the game during that time.

❗ Don't forget to upgrade Vikings: War of Clans to the latest version, since the previous version may not work correctly.

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