Battle Pass

During Battle Pass events, you can complete tasks, earn points, and receive rewards.

Each event lasts for a certain period of time and has its own name. All Jarls can participate in the events, but if you purchase the Battle Pass for an event, you will receive more tasks and rewards.

Each event has its own Battle Pass, which is active from the moment you purchase it until the end of the event. Thus, if you purchase the Battle Pass the day before the event ends, the Pass will only be active for one day. You can view how much time is left until the end of the event in the upper part of the window.

The Battle Pass event icon can be found on the Town map and in the game Menu. If the previous event has already ended and the next one hasn't started yet, the icon won't appear on the Town map, but the relevant section will remain in the Menu.


There are two types of tasks in Battle Pass events: those that are free and those for Pass owners. The former are basic tasks that are available to all Jarls. The latter are additional tasks that become available when you purchase the Battle Pass. You receive more points for completing these tasks.

Once you have purchased the Battle Pass, you start receiving more points for completing free tasks, too.

For every task, you can view the following:

  • The conditions for completing it
  • The completion progress
  • The number of points you will receive after you complete the task

You can complete tasks simultaneously and in any order. Points are awarded automatically.

If you complete one or more free tasks and purchase the Battle Pass afterward, you won't receive additional points for tasks you have already completed. The number of free tasks doesn't increase after you purchase the Battle Pass.

The lists of tasks refresh periodically. Tasks that you haven't yet completed don't disappear after the refresh — new tasks are added to them, and those you've completed are hidden.

Checkpoints and rewards

By earning points in Battle Pass events, you progress toward checkpoints and receive rewards when you pass them. Each checkpoint has free rewards and additional rewards that are only available if you have purchased the Battle Pass.

If you claim the free rewards for multiple checkpoints and then purchase the Battle Pass, you will be able to claim the additional rewards for all the checkpoints you've already reached.

If you don't claim the rewards and the Battle Pass event ends, the rewards will be credited to you automatically.

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