Boost features

Boost activation

Boosts only affect processes that are started after an item has been activated.

For example, let's say you apply the "1-Hour Resource Yielding Speed-up, 75%" boost. Troops that were in resource locations before the boost was activated will continue yielding resources at the same speed. But for any troops that start yielding after the item has been activated, the process will be sped up by 75%.

The effectiveness of boosts applied when dealing with Fortresses, Onslaughts, and reinforcements depends on when you activate them.

Some boosts need to be activated before sending troops (for example, Troop Enlargement, Warrior Number in Onslaught, etc.). They will be active until your troops return to the Town.

Please note: the number of warriors in an Onslaught is about how many warriors can set off from the initiating Jarl's Town. Therefore, it is the Onslaught initiator who needs to upgrade this stat and apply the Warrior Number in Onslaught boost. The bonuses of participating Jarls do not influence the number of warriors in the Onslaught, that's why they need to increase the warrior number in their troop (by upgrading the Shrine of Odin and learning Knowledge) and apply the Troop Enlargement boost.

Other boosts need to be activated before starting an attack — for example, those that reduce enemy offense/defense/health in Onslaughts and increase your warriors' offense/defense/health.

Let's suppose you are preparing to attack another Jarl's Town and activate the "10-Minute Increased Offense, 45%" boost. During the next 10 minutes, your attack will be more powerful, but when this time elapses, the offense stat will return to its previous level. Remember: the boost must be activated before the battle starts.

Similarly, you can use this boost to increase the strength of troops that you have sent as reinforcements. Activate it before the attack begins in order to increase the damage dealt by your warriors by 45%. It will work even if the troops are already marching towards or have reached the relevant ally's or clanmate's Town or a Fortress that they have captured. After the boost expires, your warriors will keep fighting without the bonus.

Boost duration

Boosts have a limited duration. After a boost expires, the corresponding stat will return to its previous value.

Another example: you are preparing for an Onslaught and you want to temporarily increase the maximum number of warriors in a troop. To do this, you need to activate the Troop Enlargement boost.

The boost will be active until the troop returns to the Town.

The durations of boosts can be added together. For example, you activated "Hero's Double, 24 Hours" and then "Hero's Double, 7 Days" item, then the bonuses will be active for 8 days.

The bonuses from boosts are not added together. For example, if you use two "1-Hour Warrior Training Speed-up, 10%" items, the speed will increase by 10%, but the effect will last not one, but two hours.

Boosts that affect the same stat but have different bonuses replace each other.

For example, if you activate the "1-Hour Warrior Training Speed-up, 10%" boost first, and then the "1-Hour Warrior Training Speed-up, 20%" boost, the first boost will stop working and the second one will start working. That is to say, the final added value to the training speed will be 20%, and the duration (1 hour) counter will be restarted.

Purchasing boosts

You can purchase boosts:

  • In the Item Store for Gold
  • In the Clan Store for Loyalty Points
  • In the Seasonal Store using Runic Coins
  • In the Helheim Store using Marks of Resolve
  • As part of Bank offers

It is also possible to get them as a reward for:

  • Taking part in Competitions
  • Attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders
  • Visiting the game daily (reward for loyalty)
  • Fighting Monsters of Jotunheim (Coffer of Boosts)
The King of Jotunheim — the winner of the legendary Battle for the Throne Competition — can grant any Jarl special coffers containing boosts.

In the following subsections, the functions of the main boosts will be described.

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