Prophet and Second Craftsman

You can substantially speed up certain processes in the Town by using the Prophet and Second Craftsman items.

The Prophet allows you to learn two pieces of Knowledge simultaneously, while the Second Craftsman gives you the ability to construct or upgrade two buildings at once. You can also upgrade any Knowledge or building instantly for Gold.

The Prophet and Second Craftsman boosts vary in duration: 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days. They can be purchased as part of Bank offers and received as a reward for visiting the game daily.

If you apply several boosts, their durations are added together. So, if you activate the Prophet, 24 Hours boost, and then the Prophet, 7 Days boost, the bonus will be active for 8 days.

You can activate the Prophet boost in the Boosts window, Development tab, Hire Prophet category. The Second Craftsman is activated in the same tab, but in the Hire Second Craftsman category.

Warrior Training Limit

The Warrior Training Limit item temporarily increases the maximum number of warriors in training in the Barracks.

For example, if the number of warriors you can train is 100,000, then when you activate the "30-Minute Warrior Training Limit, 440%" boost, this number will increase to 540,000 for 30 minutes.

The duration of the Warrior Training Limit items is 10 and 30 minutes. These boosts can be purchased in the Bank or received as rewards in some Competitions.

There are two ways to apply the items:

  1. Opening the Items window, going to the My Items tab, then to the Military section.
  2. Activating them in the Boosts window, Development tab, Number of Warriors in Training category.
Boosts that affect the same stat but have different bonuses replace each other.

For example, let's say you applied the "10-Minute Warrior Training Limit, 1100%" boost first, and then the "10-Minute Warrior Training Limit, 2200%" boost. The effect of the first item will stop and the second one will start working. This means that the total increase in the number of trained warriors will be 2,200%, and the countdown (10 minutes) will start over.

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