Crafting and upgrading traps

Traps are used to reinforce Fort defenses in the Holmgang epic Competition. Read more about this in the "Holmgang. Setting traps" subsection.

Before a trap can be set, it needs to be crafted, i.e. upgraded to level 1 in the Trap Workshop. This building can be constructed from the Clan Stronghold level 1.

Only the Clan Chief and Elders can upgrade traps.

To do so, they need to go to the Traps tab and select the "Troop Offense in Forts" category.

There are five trap types: against melee warriors, cavalry, ranged troops, killers, and siege units. Traps are divided into three levels and differ in terms of the number and value of their bonuses.

After selecting a suitable trap, the Chief or Elders need to hit the "Upgrade" button. To upgrade a trap, you need transformed resources, Scrolls, and Precious Dust.

This process can be performed simultaneously with learning Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence and studying Drafts in the Arms Guild. Remember, however, that only one trap can be crafted or upgraded at a time.

Clan members can boost the process using special Stronghold Boost items.

Once a trap has been upgraded to level 1, the Clan Chief or Elders can set it in a Fort. Subsequent upgrades will increase the trap's bonuses.

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