Stronghold buildings

In the Stronghold, there are:

  • Preset administrative buildings
  • Slots for constructing administrative and resource buildings

Administrative buildings are an essential part of the Clan Stronghold. They are needed for learning Knowledge, studying Drafts, storing resources, and much more. Resource buildings are needed for transforming resources.

The Clan Stronghold can contain only one of each type of building, and they cannot be demolished. Upgrade buildings to develop the Stronghold and increase its Influence.

To construct and upgrade most buildings in the Clan Stronghold to level 3, you will need transformed resources (Ale, Timber, Steel, Plates, and Thoriars) and Scrolls.

To upgrade the buildings to level 5, to build and upgrade the Trap Workshop, as well as to build and upgrade the Tower of Odin to level 6, you will need transformed resources and Precious Dust.

Preset administrative buildings

These buildings are set in the Clan Stronghold by default and influence its main stats.

The House of Jarls is the heart of the Stronghold. Here you can view the Stronghold summary and statistics. Upgrading the House allows you to construct other buildings, upgrade their level, and also increase the area of the Valley of the Aesir. When the House of Jarls reaches level 5, the Hall of Glory tab appears in the building. Additional Clan Knowledge can be learned in this tab.

In the Stronghold statistics, there are three sections: the Valley of the Aesir, Stronghold Influence, and Military.

In the Valley of the Aesir section, you can see bonuses received by Jarls whose Towns are located in the Valley of the Aesir. The value of these bonuses depends only on the House of the Jarls level. Valley of the Aesir bonuses have no effect while the player's Town is in the enemy Kingdom during global Competitions. In the Stronghold Influence section, you can see the Influence of your Clan Fortress. The Military section displays the bonuses from military Knowledge learned in the Shamans' Residence.

The Resource Storage is necessary for storing contributions like resources, Scrolls, Coal, and Precious Dust, which are sent to the Stronghold by Clan members, as well as the unique resources produced in the Yards. Upgrading this building allows Jarls to transfer more resources to the Stronghold simultaneously, decreases the rate, and increases the speed of convoys.

There is no capacity limit in the Resource Storage. If you open the "Contribution history" tab, you can see the type of resources and the amount of Coal, Precious Dust, and Scrolls your clanmates have sent to the Fortress. If the Clan Stronghold is demolished, the contribution history is not deleted — when you build a new Clan Fortress, you will also see the contributions for the previous Stronghold.

Construction slots

There are empty slots in the Clan Stronghold. Hit any slot to open the Construction menu, where you can choose the building you need. There is a slot for each building in the Stronghold.

There are two types of slots:

  • For administrative buildings
  • For resource buildings

The Shamans' Residence is for learning Knowledge that substantially increases the key stats of your Clan Stronghold. Upgrading the Shamans' Residence gives you access to new Knowledge and speeds up the learning process. There are three Knowledge categories: Economic, Military, and Special.

To learn Knowledge, you need transformed resources and Scrolls (for learning some Knowledge, Precious Dust is required). Only the Chief and Elders can start the Knowledge learning process in the Shamans' Residence. Clan members can speed up the process by using special Stronghold Boost items.

Bonuses from the Knowledge learned at the Shamans' Residence affect all Clan members. You can learn only one Knowledge at a time.

The Supreme Thing allows all Clan members to move enemy Towns out of the Valley of the Aesir. The higher the Supreme Thing's level, the larger its dominion — the area from which you can exile unwelcome Jarls. The Supreme Thing's range cannot be more than the Valley of the Aesir's area.

To exile the enemy, you must have a certain number of special items — Wax Seals. They are available in the Item Store for Gold, in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, or as part of Bank offers. You may also receive these items for attacking Uber Invaders. The number of all the Wax Seals you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Military section.

When you have enough Wax Seals, you can select a Jarl's Town located within the dominion of the Supreme Thing and hit the "Exile" button in the window that appears. After that, the Town will be relocated to a random point on the Global Map (but not to the Millennial Forest or the territory of other Clans). Please note: you need to wait a while before you can use the right to exile again.

Peace Treaty won't protect the enemy Town from relocation. The exiled Jarl will receive a system message about their Town’s location changes.

You won't be able to exile the enemy from the Valley of the Aesir if at the time of the expulsion:

  • You have been expelled from the Clan
  • The Chief has demolished the Clan Stronghold
  • The Chief has disbanded the Clan
  • You are in another Kingdom during a global Competition
  • Jarls that have been selected to be exiled relocate their Towns to another place in their home Kingdom or to the enemy Kingdom during a global Competition
  • Jarls that have been selected to be exiled become your clanmates or allies

In the Arms Guild, Drafts are studied. Drafts allow each member of the Clan to craft special equipment for their Hero in their Town's Forge.

In the Drafts tab, equipment is grouped by the following categories:

  • Helmets
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Boots
  • Amulets

Each of these categories contains a list of Drafts sorted by their status:

  • Being studied
  • Not studied
  • Studied

To study the Drafts of special equipment in the Arms Guild, you need Clan resources and a special item — Coal. You can obtain it by attacking Uber Invaders, purchase it in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, or find it in the Chest of Loki.

Unlike many other items, there is always an unlimited amount of Coal in the Clan Store. The Chief doesn't need to purchase it for Prowess Points.

You can send Coal to the Stronghold with the help of the Market. It takes one unit of capacity to contribute one item. There is no rate on sending Coal. You can view the amount of Coal you have in the Resources tab of the Resource Storage. All the Coal you have is displayed in the My Items tab, Resources section.

Only the Chief and Elders have the right to start or cancel the studying of Drafts. Other Clan members can speed up a started process by using Stronghold Boost items. You can study only one Draft at a time in the Arms Guild.

After the Draft has been studied, all Clan members receive a system message in their game mail.

You can start crafting new equipment in the following ways:

  1. Go to the Drafts tab in the Arms Guild, select the equipment category, and hit the "Craft" button in the panel that shows the Draft that has been studied.
  2. Go to the Equipment tab in the Forge, then select the corresponding category (Helmets, Armor, Weapons, Boots, or Amulets) depending on the Draft that has been studied and the Special type.

Read more about special equipment crafting in the Equipment section.

The Tower of Odin allows the Clan Chief and Elders to activate Siege status in the Stronghold. This unlocks access to battles with troops led by jötunns and other Jarls' troops that can attack your Stronghold. Upgrading the Tower of Odin level increases the power of the troops led by jötunns. Read more about the Tower of Odin in the corresponding subsection.

In the Trap Workshop, the Clan's Chief and Elders can craft and upgrade traps that are needed to reinforce Fort defenses in Holmgang.

To craft and upgrade traps, you will need transformed resources, Scrolls, and Precious Dust. You can read more about this in the "Crafting and upgrading traps" subsection.

Resource buildings

The Stonecutters' Yard, Carpenters' Yard, Smelters' Yard, Brewers' Yard, and Mintage Yard are the buildings that are responsible for the transformation of regular resources into Clan resources (Stone into Plates, Lumber into Timber, Food into Ale, Iron into Steel, and Silver into Thoriars). Upgrading Yards increases the speed of resource transformation.

Each Clan member can send resources to the Clan Stronghold for further transformation. For this, use the Market and select the Clan Stronghold as the recipient.

You cannot send convoys of resources and items to the Clan Stronghold while Siege status is activated there. You also cannot activate Siege status until all convoys return from the Stronghold. Read more about this status in the Tower of Odin subsection.

Transformation can be performed in two ways:

  • Slower and cheaper
  • Faster and more expensive

The faster the resource transformation process, the more regular resources are spent to produce Clan resources. In order to save resources, allow more time for transformation.

The Chief and the Clan Elders are able to start the transformation process. They choose the transformation method depending on the time they're willing to spend on it and the available resources. All built Yards can work simultaneously (in other words, up to five transformation processes can be started at once: one Yard — one process).

Once the transformation process is started, it cannot be canceled. The Clan members can speed up the process by using the Stronghold Boost items.

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