Tower of Odin

After upgrading the Stronghold to level 4, the Tower of Odin can be built there — the building that allows the Chief and Elders to set Siege status in the Stronghold. This unlocks access to battles with troops led by jötunns and other Jarls' troops that can attack your Stronghold.

In order to build the Tower of Odin and activate Siege status in the Stronghold, you need a special item — Precious Dust. The latter is also required in order to upgrade Clan buildings, learn Knowledge of a certain kind in the Shamans' Residence, and to craft, upgrade, and set traps. To get Precious Dust, transform Legendary gems in the Workshop.

Upgrading the Tower of Odin level increases the power of troops led by jötunns.

Once the Tower of Odin has been constructed, you can send reinforcements to the Clan Stronghold at any time. They will defend the Fortress from enemy troops or troops led by jötunns during a Siege. If you want to change reinforcements, then just recall your warriors and send new ones — this can also be done at any time.

Siege status

Only the Chief and the Elders have the right to activate Siege status in the Stronghold. To do so, they need to:

  • Go to the Tower of Odin in the Clan Stronghold
  • Open the Siege tab
  • Hit the "Activate" button

Siege status cannot be activated if:

  • Convoys of resources are moving to or from the Stronghold
  • There is not enough Precious Dust to activate it
  • This function of Tower of Odin is still on cooldown

To activate Siege status, you need Precious Dust.

  • At Tower of Odin level 1 — 100 units
  • At Tower of Odin level 2 — 250 units
  • At Tower of Odin level 3 — 500 units
  • At Tower of Odin level 4 — 1,000 units
  • At Tower of Odin level 5 — 2,000 units
  • At Tower of Odin level 6 — 4,000 units

Siege status lasts for two hours. After that, the Stronghold's status changes to "Guarded," which means that it cannot be attacked, and the Tower of Odin shifts into a state of recovery. At Tower levels 1–4, the recovery process takes three days; at level 5, it takes two days; and at level 6, it takes one day.

When Siege status is activated in the Stronghold, all Clan members receive a system message in their mail and a special message about it appears in chats. During this time, the Clan Fortress is attacked by troops led by jötunns. They all start marching at the same time but they reach the Stronghold at different times as they come from different places on the Global Map.

The number and strength of troops depend on the level of the Tower of Odin:

  • At level 1, the Stronghold is attacked by troops led by jötunn fighters
  • At level 2, troops led by jötunn warriors are added to them
  • At level 3, troops led by jötunn soldiers are added
  • At level 4, troops led by jötunn commanders appear
  • At level 5, your Stronghold can also be attacked by troops led by jötunn warlords
  • At level 6, troops led by jötunn generals are added

At all levels of the Tower of Odin, troops of jötunn spies can sneak into the Clan Stronghold. Their number and strength depend on the level of the Tower of Odin. Only your scouts can fight them.

Defeating troops led by jötunn warlords and jötunn generals requires a well-trained army and coordinated actions between all Clan members. Make sure you can stand against these enemies before you upgrade the Tower of Odin!

For destroying these troops, you receive Soul Shards, which are necessary for enhancing the Aesir and learning secret Knowledge.

Other Jarls who are Clan members can also attack your Stronghold while Siege status is active.

During the Siege, in the Marches tab of the Tower of Odin, detailed information about the troops attacking the Clan Stronghold is displayed. You can study it, irrespective of your Watchtower and Tower of Odin levels.

If troops led by jötunns attack the Stronghold, the march block in the tab is outlined with a yellow border. If enemy Jarls attack, it is outlined with a red border.

Reports about attacks and defenses of the Clan Fortresses are the same as the battle reports in the Place of Power, except that the defenders information block displays info about the Clan that holds the Stronghold.

If attacking troops move towards the Clan Fortress, the edges of the screen are highlighted in yellow and the Marches icon appears in the Town window. If a Clan member's Town is attacked at the same time, the highlighting changes to red.

By killing enemy warriors in the Clan Stronghold, Jarls can get:

  • Soul Shards, if the opponents are from an enemy Kingdom
  • Points in Competitions

To find how many points you can get by killing warriors of a specific tier, go to the Competition section in the Events window.

In the case of a failed defense of the Stronghold during global Competitions, no points are deducted from a Clan. On the contrary, the Clan still earns points for any warriors from the jötunn's troops that the Clan's members killed. Meanwhile, your Clan's opponents in the Competition can earn points if they attack your troops in the Stronghold.

Please note several important rules:

  • Jarls can attack the Stronghold, send an Onslaught, scouts, or reinforcements and resources there only if they are in the same Kingdom as the Stronghold.
  • The Clan Chief and Elders can activate Siege status only if they are in their home Kingdom.
  • The Chief cannot demolish the Stronghold or disband the Clan while Siege status is active.
  • If Jarls leave the Clan at the moment when the reinforcement troop is formed, the warriors cannot be sent.
  • If Jarls are expelled from the Clan, their troops that have been in the Stronghold up until now return to their Town.
  • If the defense of the Stronghold fails, reinforcement troops return to their Towns as usually happens in battles for other Fortresses (Siege status remains active in this case).
  • If the Clan Stronghold is destroyed or the Clan is disbanded when the Stronghold has Guarded status, all reinforcements return to their Towns.
  • If the Clan is disbanded or the Chief destroys the Stronghold when the Elders are trying to activate Siege status, the action cannot be performed.
  • If the Elders are expelled from the Clan or downgraded when they are trying to activate Siege status, the action cannot be performed.
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