Hero's equipment

To craft a piece of equipment, you must have a certain quantity of materials and/or other pieces of equipment.

In the Materials tab of the Forge, you can combine materials to improve their quality. To combine them, you need four identical materials of the same type. The higher the material's quality, the more bonuses you will get from the equipment you craft from it.

There are six types of materials:

  • Simple
  • Usual
  • Unusual
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

And two kinds of materials:

  • Standard
  • Special

You can read more about this in the Materials section.

Standard equipment is crafted from standard materials like Cotton, Rope, Elixir, Debris, Feather, Hide, Glass, Leather, Granite, Diamond, Steel, and Lead. You can get these components by doing the following:

  • Completing daily Tasks
  • Attacking Invaders
  • Yielding resources in locations (as a bonus for yielding successfully)
  • Opening the Chest of Loki
  • Purchasing Coffers of materials in the Item Store for Gold or in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points

Standard materials can also be found as part of Bank offers.

Invaders' equipment is crafted only from special materials, which can be obtained by attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders, or by capturing an Invader's Lair. You can also get the components for Barbarian's or Centurion's equipment from Coffers of materials in the Clan Store, or as a bonus for yielding resources in Gifts of the Gods locations.

Special equipment is crafted from materials, as well as from pieces of equipment. To get access to crafting special equipment, you need to study the corresponding Drafts in the Arms Guild in the Stronghold. Drafts are studied by the Clan Chief and Elders using the special Coal item.

Special equipment can be roughly divided into two groups according to the bonuses and the components needed:

  1. Equipment from the first group is crafted from Invaders' equipment and standard equipment.
  2. Equipment from the second one is crafted from other pieces of special equipment and has higher bonuses in comparison with the first group.

If you crafted a piece of special equipment while you were a Clan member and then left the Clan, this equipment will still be available for use.

Shamans' equipment is crafted from various pieces of Hero's and Shamans' equipment. Read more about this in the Shamans' equipment subsection.

The Jarl who wins the Battle for the Throne receives the right to select a piece of Legendary equipment from the King's pack. Read more about this in the Battle for the Throne section.

There are two ways to craft equipment: instantly for Gold or over time for Silver. If you cancel the crafting process, all the materials you have spent will be returned to you, but you won't get the Silver back.

In the Forge, you can craft equipment of any level, but you will only be able to equip your Hero with pieces whose level is the same or lower than the Hero's. Remember that only the Hero can use standard, special, and Invaders' equipment. You cannot equip your Hero while the Hero is away on a march.

You can craft only one piece of equipment at a time. However, you can speed up a current process using boosts.

If less than 5 minutes is left until the crafting process is completed, the "Boost" button is replaced with the purple "Free" button, which you can hit to complete the upgrade. The free autocomplete time can be increased if you have activated VIP status or have certain bonuses.

Before crafting, take a look at the table that shows the chances of getting equipment of a certain quality. The percentage depends on the type of materials used.

If your Stock is full, you can free up space by dismantling pieces of equipment or increase the Stock's capacity by using the Inventory Expander item (adds 4 extra slots).

You can dismantle any piece of Hero's equipment and acquire one of the materials that were used to craft it. To do this, go to the Forge, then to the Stock tab, then to the "Hero's equipment" section. Select the piece of equipment that you want to dismantle and hit the "Dismantle" button. The material you'll get will be of the same type as the dismantled equipment.

In the Workshop, you can inlay Hero's or Shamans' equipment with gems and runes, which give bonuses. The inlaid gems and runes can be removed and saved using special items — the Diamond Knife and the Runic Knife. You can read more about this in the corresponding Gems and Runes sections.

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