Helheim Store

In the Helheim Store, you can use Marks of Resolve to purchase boosts, materials from Helheim, and items, such as Helheim Fire, which increases the chance for a successful upgrade of a piece of equipment in the Forge.

The Helheim Store also gives you military bonuses, depending on its level, which can be increased by achieving three stars when exploring all the nodes on any floor of the Catacombs. The bonuses from the Helheim Store are displayed in the Statistics tab of the Palace.

The Items tab displays the list of available offers. As a rule, items and materials are not purchased individually, but in a package. After an offer has been purchased, it disappears from the Store and becomes available again after the list has been refreshed.

The list of offers is refreshed automatically after the timer expires. If you don't want to wait, use the Helheim Store Refresher item. You can find it on the floors of the Catacombs or purchase it as part of Bank offers.

When the list of offers refreshes, you will receive one random material for free. To claim it, hit the "Free" button.

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