Hero's stats

The Hero has a number of stats.

- Hero level — the numerical value reflecting the Hero's development that increases when your Hero gains experience. There are a total of 70 Hero levels. To increase the Hero's level between 61 and 70, you need special items — Hero's Keys. You can purchase them in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, as part of Bank offers, or get them for attacking Uber Invaders.

You also have a chance to get a Hero's Coffret containing Books of Knowledge, Star Shards, and/or Hero's Keys. To receive it, attack Monsters of Jotunheim or yield resources in level 8 and 9 Gifts of the Gods bonus locations.

The number of Hero's Coffrets you have is displayed in the Treasure tab of the My Items window.

Please note:

  • If you have gained the required amount of experience but have not obtained enough Hero's Keys, you cannot increase the Hero's level.
  • If you have gained the required amount of experience but have not unlocked Hero level 61, you won't earn experience points for performing various game actions.

After you unlock Hero level 61, a new Hero's Skills branch becomes available for upgrade — special Skills.

As soon as you gain enough experience to unlock Hero level 61, the special Hero level marker — the arrow — will be displayed instead of the usual marker in the upper control panel. It tells you that the Hero's level can be increased. Hitting the Hero icon will open the Hero tab in the Hero's Abode.

Then you need to hit the icon highlighted in blue — the Hero's experience block in the Hero tab. After that, proceed to the Hero level upgrade window, where you can apply the Hero's Keys (if you have enough). Please note: the function will be available when the special Hero level upgrade marker and the "Unlock level 61" text are displayed in the Hero's experience block.

- Hero's experience is required for progressing to the next level. The counter displays the current amount of Hero's experience and the amount still needed to progress to the next level (the "Maximum" caption appears when you reach Hero level 70).

To increase the Hero's experience, you need to:

  • Complete Tasks and Quests
  • Construct and upgrade buildings
  • Learn Knowledge
  • Attack Invaders
  • Destroy enemy warriors

You can increase the Hero's experience by using the Book of Knowledge item that is available in the Item Store for Gold, in the Clan Store for Loyalty Points, and as part of Bank offers.

- Hero's energy is depleted when attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders. The more powerful the Invader, the more energy is needed to perform an attack. Read more about this in the Invaders and Uber Invaders section.

The basic amount of Hero's energy is 1,000 units, and the maximum possible amount is 5,000,000 units.

Your Hero's energy is restored automatically after a while. The base amount of energy and the speed at which it is restored can be increased with the help of Knowledge, Hero's Skills, boosts, equipment, and gems. Energy is completely restored when the Hero obtains a new level.

Energy is also restored by using the special Hero's Energy item that can be purchased in the Item Store for Gold or as part of Bank offers. You have a chance to get this item as a reward. Open the Chest of Loki and capture resource locations more often: once you have totally exhausted the location, your troops can get Hero's energy as a trophy.

- Hero's bonuses are displayed in the Hero tab of the Hero's Abode. The categories are: Economic, Military, and Against Invaders.

- Hero's equipment gives bonuses to important military and economic stats. In the Forge, you can craft equipment for the Hero and Shamans, as well as combine materials and thus improve their quality. Upgrade the Forge to increase the equipment crafting speed.

In the Workshop, you can inlay Hero's and Shamans' equipment with gems and runes that give extra bonuses. You can also fuse gems or transform them into Precious Dust.

Equipment varies by kind and type and is placed in certain slots of the Hero's Inventory: Armor, Helmets, Weapon, Boots, and Amulets (2 slots).

In the Hero tab of the Hero's Abode, you can see the equipment that the Hero is currently wearing. Use the Disguise boost to temporarily hide equipment on your Hero, as well as info about the Shaman and the summoned Aes, from other Jarls.

Read more about this in the Equipment, Materials, and Runes sections.

- Hero's Skills give additional bonuses to a wide range of important parameters that directly affect the combat stats of your troops led by the Hero and the economic stats of your Town. Read more about this in the Hero's Skills subsection.

- Hero's name is automatically assigned to the Hero at the beginning of the game. It can be changed using the Rename Hero item.

- Hero's Skin is a Skin that you can choose from a suggested list and change in the future by using the Change Hero's Skin item.

You can get unique Hero's Skins in the following ways:

The bonuses of a unique Hero's Skin are only applied if you activate it.

You can activate the Hero's Double boost and get a copy of your Hero that possesses the same stats, Skills, amount of energy, and bonuses that are given by the equipment used by the Hero.

Read more about this in the Boosts section, specifically in the "Hero's Double and Shaman's Double" part of the "Hero and Shaman" subsection.

You can also activate boosts that temporarily improve some of your Hero's stats in the Hero/Shaman tab of the Boosts window.

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