Jarl's Palace

The Palace is the main building in the Town and the Jarl's dwelling. Here, all your Town stats and your profile info are displayed. Upgrading the Palace unlocks the ability to construct and upgrade other buildings. The Town level is equal to the Palace level.

For upgrading the Palace, you receive a Jarl's Coffer, which contains various items. The higher the building's level, the more valuable the reward from the Jarl's Coffer.

Info tab

This tab displays the main information about the Palace, its current level, requirements for upgrading, and rewards for reaching a new level.

This tab also tells you whether you can permanently move to another Kingdom by using the Drakkar item (available for a Town with a Palace at level 21 or higher). Read more in the "Items for relocation" subsection.

Profile tab

Here you can:

  • Change your name, userpic, Town's name, and your Hero's Skin (read more about this in the "Jarl's personal info" subsection)
  • Learn more about your Hero, Shaman, and Clan (if you are a Clan member)
  • Change the Town Skin
  • View your Town's coordinates, current amount of Influence, and total time in the game

Statistics tab

Here, you can find all your Town's stats. The data is divided into four sections: Economic, Military, Hero, and Influence. These sections display detailed information about resource production and consumption, the number of warriors on a march and in an Onslaught, Hero's energy and experience, and much more.

Skins tab

This tab displays Skins that change the Town's appearance on the Global Map and also give bonuses to various stats. The tab includes two sections: All Skins and Skin bonuses.

The All Skins section displays the Skins that you can unlock and upgrade.

The seasonal Skins that you can purchase in the Seasonal Store and the Asgard Store are also displayed here. You don't need to unlock them; once purchased, they will already be at level 1 and all their bonuses will affect your Town. Read more in the Seasons and Battle for Asgard sections.

All Skins have certain markers:

  • The color marker shows the Skin type (Usual, Rare, Legendary)
  • The Skin level indicator is displayed in the form of a star (shown only for unlocked Skins)
  • An arrow above the Skin image indicates that the Skin is upgradable (if all requirements have been met and you have a certain number of Star Shards)

Skins are displayed in the following layout: first in the list are Skins that you have unlocked, then unavailable Skins, and then "No Skin" at the end. If you hit "No Skin," you'll restore your Town's standard appearance on the Global Map.

The Skin bonuses subsection contains information about all active bonuses from unlocked Skins.

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