Jarl's profile

In the profile, you can see general information about yourself or another Jarl.

To open your profile, do the following:

  • Go to the Palace, find the Profile tab, and hit the "i" icon on your userpic
  • Open the game Menu and select the Profile icon

To view another Jarl's profile, hit the Jarl's userpic.

After opening the Jarl tab in the profile window, you will see:

  • Jarl's name
  • Jarl's userpic and honorific
  • Coordinates of the Jarl's Town
  • Time since this Jarl last logged into the game
  • Current and maximum number of Influence points
  • Clan name (if the Jarl is a Clan member)
  • Name of the Jarl's home Kingdom
  • Number of battles, victories, and defeats
  • Achievements
  • Performance stat (This increases with checkpoints that you've passed and top places that you've taken in personal Competitions. This stat is updated every week.)
  • Repute assigned by the Konung
  • Information about the summoned Aes (if the Jarl hasn't activated the Disguise item)
  • Other important information

Jarls' honorifics are displayed in the profile in the following priority:

  • King of Jotunheim honorific
  • Achievement used as an honorific
  • Konung honorific
  • Title in Clan
A Jarl's profile can display only one honorific.

If a Jarl is the King of Jotunheim, this honorific will be displayed in the Jarl's profile regardless of whether this Jarl has other honorifics. In this case, an achievement cannot be used as an honorific.

Another example: let's say that a Jarl isn't the King of Jotunheim, but has captured the Place of Power. The Konung honorific is displayed in this Jarl's profile. If the Jarl decides to select one of the received achievements as an honorific, it will be displayed in the profile since the achievements have higher priority.

If a Jarl has no additional honorifics (this means that this Jarl is neither the King of Jotunheim nor the Konung and doesn't use one of the achievements as honorific), the Clan title is displayed in the Jarl's profile. If the Jarl isn't a Clan member, a stub is displayed instead of an honorific.

If you or another Jarl have received achievements, you will see them in a block in the profile window.

If you don't have any achievements, you can see the list of available achievements by hitting the "All achievements" button. If the Jarl whose profile you're looking has no achievements, the achievements block won't be displayed.

You can also see the Hero, Shaman, and Mail tabs in the profile.

  • In the Hero tab, you will see the Hero's level and Skin, as well as the equipment the Hero is wearing.
  • The Shaman tab includes information about the Shaman, the Shaman's level, and the Shaman's equipment. This tab is not displayed if a Shaman has not been summoned.
  • In the Mail tab, you can communicate with the Jarl whose profile you're viewing.

If the Jarl has activated the Disguise item, information about the Hero's equipment and summoned Shaman will be unavailable.

Jarl's personal info

To change your personal information, go to the Profile tab of the Palace. Here you can select a new name, userpic, Hero's Skin, and your Town name. To do that, you will need special items.

To change your name, you need to hit the edit icon to the right of your current name, then enter a new name and hit the "Apply" or "Buy and apply" button.

To change your userpic, select the editing symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your current userpic. Various options will appear. The first in the row will be the image from the Plarium profile to which your game account is linked. You can select it, or any other userpic, from the options provided. Then hit the "Apply" or "Buy and apply" button.

To change your Hero's Skin, hit the "Hero" button in the Profile tab, then the Skin icon, select a new Skin from the offered options, and hit "Apply" or "Buy and apply."

To change your Town name, you need to hit the edit icon to the right of your current name in the Profile tab, then enter a new name and hit the "Apply" or "Buy and apply" button.

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