Kingdoms Battle. Competition features

During the Kingdoms Battle, you gain access to the Homeland and Foreign Land Chats. Jarls from your home Kingdom and Jarls from the enemy Kingdom are marked in different colors in the chats.

The Clan Chiefs gain access to the special Chiefs' Chat, in which the Clan leaders can discuss their Kingdom's strategy.

When in one of the opposing Kingdoms during the Kingdoms Battle, remember: you can participate in an Onslaught only if you are in the Kingdom where it is being carried out. You can only exchange convoys and reinforcements with clanmates and allies who are in the same Kingdom as you (home Kingdom or enemy Kingdom).

One more feature of the Kingdoms Battle is attack restrictions. Jarls from opposing Kingdoms can only attack enemies who are:

  • Clan members
  • Not Clan members but have a Palace of level 15 or above
Jarls participating in the Competition can attack and capture the Place of Power of an enemy Kingdom and thus earn points for killing enemy warriors.
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