Convoys to clanmates and allies

You can help your clanmates and allies by sending convoys of resources to them. To do so, you need to build the Market, which is available from Palace level 5. Upgrading this building increases the capacity and speed of your convoys and also reduces the rate (fee) for exchanging resources.

To send a convoy to a clanmate, go to the Market, open the "Resources aid" tab, choose a Jarl, and hit the "Send resources" button. Then choose the resources you want to send and the amount.

To send resources to an ally, open the list of allied Clan members, hit the "Action" button near the relevant Jarl, and select "Send resources."

You can also send a convoy in the following ways:

  • Open the information window for a Jarl's Town
  • Hit a Jarl's name in the chat
  • Hit the "Action" button in the Membership tab of the Clans window

You can only send convoys and reinforcements to clanmates and allies who are in the same Kingdom as you.

The Town of a clanmate or ally whose Palace is below level 6 cannot accept resources that exceed its Vault capacity. Unaccepted resources will be returned to the sender along with part of the rate (fee), which is calculated based on the resources that were actually sent and returned.

A convoy track is displayed in green on the Global Map. You can recall the convoy and return your resources, but not the rate that you have already paid.

Convoys to the Clan Stronghold

To send a convoy to the Stronghold:

  • Go to the Market, open the "Resources aid" tab, and hit the "Send resources" button near the Clan Stronghold.
  • Select the Clan Stronghold on the Global Map and then hit the "Send resources" button.
  • Enter the Clan Stronghold, open the Resources tab in the Resource Storage, and hit the "Send resources" button.

You can send resources for transformation (Food, Lumber, Iron, Stone, and Silver), as well as special items, to the Stronghold.

Scrolls are required in order to construct and upgrade the Clan Stronghold. Before the Stronghold has been constructed, Scrolls are sent to the Chief, and once it has been built, they go directly to the Clan Stronghold.

Coal is required for studying Drafts in the Arms Guild.

Precious Dust is required for constructing and upgrading Clan buildings, learning some Knowledge in the Shamans' Residence, activating Siege status in the Stronghold, and for crafting, upgrading, and setting traps.

The speed of convoys and the amount of resources that can be sent depends on the stats of your Market and the Resource Storage in the Stronghold. The lowest value is always chosen by default. For example, let's say the Market allows you to send 300 units of resources, while the Storage allows you to send 500 units. In this case, the amount of resources you can send to the Stronghold will be 300 units.

The fee for sending convoys of resources (the rate) is determined in the same way, but in this case, the higher value is chosen. Scrolls, Coal, and Precious Dust are not subject to a fee.

You can increase the amount of resources to be sent to the Clan Stronghold by using "Convoys to the Stronghold" boosts.

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