March features

The Shrine of Odin allows you to send your warriors on marches and to follow their movements. Upgrade the building to increase the number of marches that can be sent simultaneously and the maximum number of warriors on each of them. You can also increase these stats by learning the corresponding Knowledge in the Oracle.

There are the following types of marches:

  • Capturing resource locations
  • Attacking captured resource locations
  • Attacking Invaders, Uber Invaders, or Ghosts
  • Capturing Lairs of Invaders/Uber Invaders, or Ghosts' Shelters
  • Attacking enemy Jarls' Towns
  • Performing Onslaughts on enemy Jarls' Towns (organizing them or participating in Onslaughts created by your clanmates or allies)
  • Attacking Fortresses or performing Onslaughts on them
  • Performing espionage in enemy Jarls' Towns, resource locations, Invaders'/Uber Invaders' Lairs, Ghosts' Shelters, or Fortresses
  • Sending resources to your clanmates' and allies' Towns or the Clan Stronghold
  • Sending reinforcements to your clanmates' and allies' Towns, the Clan Stronghold, or other Fortresses

To send a march, you need to do the following:

1. Choose the location you are going to attack or send your scouts, reinforcements, or convoys to.

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Find and choose a location on the Global Map manually
  • Go to a location on the Global Map using previously created Landmarks, coordinates from the chat, or from a military report
  • Choose a location in the Navigator (in the Watchtower)
  • Choose a Jarl from the list of your Clan's or the allied Clan's members (only to send reinforcements or convoys)
  • Choose a clanmate or an ally in the chat (only to send reinforcements or convoys)

2. Select your military troop: what warriors will you send on the march and in what numbers.

The Hero attacks Invaders and Uber Invaders alone, and a Shaman banishes Ghosts in the same way. For other marches, you need at least one warrior. A troop can consist of warriors of one type or various types.

Your warriors can go on a march with or without the Hero or a Shaman. The only exceptions are Onslaughts, which must always be led by the Hero and/or a Shaman. A strong leader's presence improves your warriors' stats in troops and reinforcements, and also increases their capacity. To send the Hero and/or a Shaman on a march, check the boxes next to the respective picture in the window where you choose your warriors.

Marching speed is determined by the lowest speed stat of the warriors in the troop. You can speed up marches using items and boosts.

You don't need warriors, the Hero, or a Shaman to send convoys of resources.

3. Confirm the sending of the troop.

To do so, simply hit the "Send" button in the troop formation window.

To defend your Town against enemy invasions, use the Peace Treaty item. If you want to find out the duration of the Peace Treaty in enemy Jarls' Towns, use the Guard Payoff item.

When attacking a Town whose level is lower than 6, you won't get resources even if your attack is successful.

If you send your warriors to yield resources and the location turns out to be occupied by another Jarl's troop, your troops will fight each other. If your warriors win, they will start yielding resources, and the warriors of the Jarl who lost the battle will return to their Town.

There are several reasons why a battle may not take place and your troops return to the Town:

  • The location is occupied by one of your clanmates or allies
  • You sent a troop to a location while the Peace Treaty was active in your Town, but while you were marching, the location was captured by another Jarl
  • You sent a troop to a location occupied by another Jarl, but this Jarl activated the Domain Guard item which protects any resource location including Invaders'/Uber Invaders' Lairs and Ghosts' Shelters against attacks

You can cancel any march except an Onslaught and return your troop to the Town.

During global Competitions, you can participate in an Onslaught only if it's organized in the Kingdom where you are currently located. Read more about this in the Onslaughts section.

You will receive reports regarding the outcome of all marches in your mail. For attacks, espionage, and battles in Fortresses, there are special icons that instantly show whether an action was successful or not.

You can share military reports with your clanmates and allies regarding attacks, defenses, espionage, and Onslaughts, as well as battles against Invaders and Ghosts. To do so, you need to open the report and hit the button with the share icon.

A special icon shows information about reinforcements, convoys, and attacking troops that are marching towards your Town. The icon shows the march type and the time left before the warriors reach your Town. Also, if enemy troops are approaching your Town, the fires on the Shrine of Odin start to burn and the screen flashes red.

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