These are troops of warriors that you can send to Towns and Fortresses that are guarded by your clanmates and allies. Your troops help them to repel enemy Jarls' attacks and to defend the Stronghold against troops led by jötunns.

You can send reinforcements to your clanmates' and allies' Towns if they are in the same Kingdom as you. To do so, choose the relevant Jarl from the list of members of your Clan or the allied Clan, hit the "Action" button, and then select the "Send reinforcements" icon in the window that appears.

Then you need to gather a troop: choose the type and number of warriors and specify whether the Hero or a Shaman will go on the march. You can also send reinforcements from the information window for the Jarl's Town on the Global Map or from the chat window.

You can send reinforcements to Fortresses: the Place of Power, the Throne of Jotunheim, Towers of Fury, Forts on the Islands of Trials, and the Clan Stronghold. However, the number of reinforcements and warriors that can defend a Fortress is limited to 50 troops.

If the limit for reinforcements or the number of warriors in a Fortress is exceeded, you cannot send a new troop.

Please note:

  • You can only send warriors that you have in the Town
  • Your troop can include warriors of one type or different types
  • A Jarl who has sent reinforcements can recall them using the relevant function of the Shrine of Odin, in the Garrisons tab
  • A Jarl who is hosting reinforcements can make them leave using the relevant function of the Mead Hall, in the Reinforcements tab
  • In case of a failed defense of a Town or a Fortress, all surviving warriors in reinforcements return to their Towns.

You won't be able to send reinforcements in the following cases:

  • The Jarl you send reinforcements to doesn't have a Mead Hall yet
  • The number of warriors in reinforcements exceeds the free space in the Town of the Jarl you're sending reinforcements to
  • You were expelled from the Clan while you had the window for sending warriors open
  • If the Jarl you want to send reinforcements to is in another Kingdom
  • You don't have available marches or warriors to send

If a Jarl's Town is automatically relocated, all reinforcements present in it return to their senders instantly. But if a Jarl is exiled from the Valley of the Aesir, all reinforcements stay in the Jarl's Town.

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