Onslaughts are joint attacks performed by clanmates and allies on Towns of other Jarls or Fortresses.

Requirements for forming and joining an Onslaught:

  • You must be a Clan member
  • The Jarl you're attacking must be a member of another Clan or have a Palace of level 15 or higher
  • You must have the War Bloc in your Town

The War Bloc allows you to form Onslaughts and participate in them. Upgrade this building to increase the maximum number of warriors in an Onslaught. To do so, you will need resources and the special Warrior's Draft item.

To form an Onslaught, open the Global Map, find the object you wish to attack, and hit the "Onslaught" button. Then select a time after which the gathered troops will march towards their goal: 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 8 hours. After that, the standard window for forming a troop for an attack will open. If you are the Onslaught initiator, you must send at least one troop on the march.

You can start a joint attack immediately without waiting until the timer expires if you gather the minimum required number of warriors for the Onslaught. This number is shown in the Onslaught window. Once a sufficient number of warriors have been gathered, hit the "Start" button. 

To participate in an Onslaught that has already been formed, open the Onslaughts tab in the War Bloc and hit the "Participate" button in any free troop slot. If you haven't yet built the War Bloc in your Town, you will still receive a message saying that an Onslaught is being formed, but you won't be able to see information about the march or join it. Read more about this in the "Specifics of forming Onslaughts" section.

During global Competitions, a Jarl can participate in an Onslaught only if the Jarl is in the same Kingdom where the Onslaught is taking place.

In the icy world of Jotunheim, it's also possible to form Onslaughts or join them.

An Onslaught can be canceled due to the following reasons:

  • The Peace Shield is activated in the Town you're trying to attack
  • The Town you're trying to attack has been relocated
  • The Jarl you're trying to attack is not a Clan member anymore and their Palace level is lower than 15
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