Puzzle games

You control a character called the Treasure Hunter and explore various hideouts. They contain traps and guards. Your task is to help the Treasure Hunter avoid all the obstacles and reach the coffer.

To do so, manipulate the surrounding objects: platforms, walls, buttons, springs, etc. Everything that you can interact with is highlighted in gold.

If you remove a wall in front of the Treasure Hunter, he will run forward, and you won't be able to stop him.

When you reach the treasure, you win and receive a reward. The reward depends on your Palace level. 

If you lose, you can play again — the number of attempts is not limited. 

In puzzle games, you cannot save your progress: if you leave before you reach the treasure, you will have to start again. 

Main puzzle games

To play these puzzle games, select the puzzle game icon on the Town screen or the relevant section in the Menu, then select a chapter. Initially, only the first chapter is available. 

Each chapter has a sequence of puzzle games. To unlock the next puzzle game in a sequence, complete the previous one. For some puzzle games, you need a specific Palace level – these are marked with a coffer. 

When you complete a chapter, you unlock the next one. 

For each puzzle game you complete, you receive a reward, but only once. If you replay a puzzle game, you won't receive anything. 

You will also receive a reward when you complete a certain number of puzzle games in a chapter. To find out how many more puzzle games you need to complete before you receive the reward, select the reward icon on the bottom panel. When you can claim a reward, it is highlighted. Just select the icon, and the prize is yours.

Daily puzzle games

Every day, you receive an assortment of random puzzle games. It can contain puzzle games you've already completed, as well as new ones. 

You may even be offered puzzle games from locked chapters and ones that are not available to you due to your Palace level. 

To play daily puzzle games, select the puzzle game icon on the Town screen, then go to the upper panel and hit the "Start" button. Alternatively, you can just select the Treasure Hunter near the Palace. If there's an exclamation mark above him, that means you've not yet completed all the daily puzzle games.

If a daily assortment contains a puzzle game that you've already completed in the main chapters, complete it again, and you'll receive a reward. You'll also receive a reward for new puzzle games, but the victory won't be counted in the chapters of the main puzzle games. 

For example, let's say you've reached node 5 of chapter 1 in the main puzzle games, and you come across node 1 of chapter 2 in the daily assortment. When you complete it, you won't unlock chapter 2 of the main puzzle games. 

After beating a puzzle game, you need to wait before you can start the next one. If you lose, you can just replay the puzzle game immediately — there's no cooldown. 

If you complete all the daily puzzle games, new ones will appear at 00:00 (UTC+0). 

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