Novice's marathon

The novice's marathon is a set of Quests that are available at the beginning of the game for seven days after you complete the tutorial.

In order to view the marathon's Quests, select the book icon on the Town screen.

For the first five days of the marathon, you will receive ten Quests every day. You will be able to view the tasks of the current day and all the previous days.

If you were unable to complete all of a day's Quests, you can return to them at any time while the marathon is still active. On days 6 and 7, there will be no tasks, and you will be able to complete anything that you didn't manage to finish earlier.

On the first day of the marathon, you will be presented with a tutorial on how to complete Quests of various types. Hit the "Start" button near a Quest and follow the pointer in order to complete the task.

On the remaining days of the marathon, the "Info" button will appear instead of the "Start" button. When you hit it, you will see a hint, as well as navigation buttons that will help you complete Quests.

There is a separate task for every Quest. Here are some examples of such tasks: relocate your Town, yield resources, complete puzzle games, train or heal warriors, gain Influence, spend Hero's energy, etc.

Often, you may need to complete a relevant task several times in order to complete a Quest — by killing several Invaders instead of just one, creating several pieces of Hero's equipment, etc. There is a counter that shows your progress next to such Quests. The first number shows how many times you have completed the task, and the second one shows the total number that is required.

The majority of Quests in the marathon cannot be completed in advance. For example, let's say you have Quests for the first two days available, and none of them contains the task "Destroy a level 2 Invader," but you eliminate one of these opponents anyway. This will not count toward future Quests.

However, there are several special Quests that can be completed before they become available. If you complete the required action, any Quests that have this action as their designated task will be displayed as completed when they appear in the marathon. All you will need to do is claim your reward.

Here is what you can do to complete Quests of this kind:

  • Join a Clan
  • Upgrade your Palace
  • Complete chapters of main puzzle games

When you complete a certain number of Quests, you will receive a piece of Hero's equipment. By completing subsequent Quests, you will receive a Hero's Skin. In order to receive the final reward — a Town Skin — complete all the tasks in the marathon.

After the seven days have passed, the marathon ends, even if you haven't completed all the tasks. The marathon icon also vanishes if you complete all the Quests in less than seven days.

If the marathon ends, but you forgot to claim some of the rewards, they will be credited to you automatically. You will receive a message in your mail containing a list of the rewards you obtained.

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