Resource buildings

The Farm, Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, Mine, and Manor are buildings where basic resources are produced: Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, and Silver, respectively. The number and level of these buildings determine the resource production capacity of the Town.

Level 32–40 resource buildings affect not only economic stats (production and resource storage capacity) but military stats as well. The Farm gives bonuses to Infirmaries' capacity, the Stone Quarry gives bonuses to troop defense, the Mine gives bonuses to troop health, and the Lumber Mill gives bonuses to troop offense.

You can increase production capacity by using:

  • VIP status
  • Knowledge in the Oracle
  • Hero's/Shaman's Skills
  • Hero's/Shaman's equipment (especially when it is inlaid with appropriate gems and runes)
  • Boosts and items
  • Bonuses from the Valley of the Aesir and the Reputes
Pay attention to the capacity of resource buildings. When the maximum capacity is reached, production of the corresponding resource stops. To increase the building's capacity, you need to upgrade it.

You can view info on current production and consumption of resources in the Statistics tab of the Palace.

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