Tasks are short-term missions that allow you to obtain resources, materials, Hero's and Shaman's experience, gems, Manuscripts, Bronze, Prowess Points, Loyalty Points, and more.

To open the Tasks window, hit the special icon on the left side of the Town screen.

Completing Tasks does not require any resources or Gold. Tasks are completed automatically: you just have to hit the "Start" button, wait until the process ends, and claim your reward.

New Tasks will appear when the timer located at the top of the screen runs out. The Tasks you have completed will remain in the list until you claim the reward.

You can complete Tasks faster. To do so, hit the "Boost" button and select the appropriate item.

Task categories and types

There are three categories of Tasks:

  • Personal Tasks, which are available to all Jarls. For completing them, you can receive Hero's and Shaman's experience, materials, resources, Bronze, and Manuscripts.
  • Clan Tasks, which are only available to Clan members. For completing them, you can receive Hero's and Shaman's experience, materials, and resources, as well as Loyalty and Prowess Points.
  • Premium Tasks, which are available to Jarls who have activated VIP status. For completing them, you can receive Hero's and Shaman's experience, materials, resources, and gems.

You can only perform one Task from each category at a time.

All Tasks also fall into several types, which are marked in corresponding colors:

  • Simple (gray)
  • Usual (white)
  • Unusual (green)
  • Rare (blue)
  • Epic (purple)
  • Legendary (gold)

The higher the Task type, the more substantial the reward you get.

The list of Tasks is updated automatically every six hours. However, you can do it yourself at any time by using items such as the Personal Task Refresher, Clan Task Refresher, and Premium Task Refresher. They are available in the Item Store, Clan Store, and as part of Bank offers. You can also receive them for attacking Invaders and Uber Invaders, and for visiting the game daily.

The Clan Task Refresher item won't work unless you are a Clan member. There's also no point in applying the Premium Task Refresher unless you have activated VIP status.

If you haven't started the Premium Tasks by the time your VIP status expires, they will disappear. If your VIP status expires when a Premium Task is in progress, you can complete this process and claim the reward.

Some levels of VIP status give you additional Personal, Clan, and Premium Tasks. Various ways of autocompleting Tasks also become available to you; they save you time, allowing you to instantly complete Tasks and get rewards for them.

From VIP level 7, you will get the Personal Task autocomplete bonus, from level 8 you will be able to autocomplete Clan Tasks, and autocomplete Premium Tasks from level 13.

The improved autocomplete bonus for all Personal Tasks is available from VIP level 17. Autocomplete of all Premium Tasks is added from level 25, and autocomplete of all Clan Tasks is added from level 28. With a single hit of the "Claim all" button, you receive rewards for completing all Tasks of the selected category.

From VIP level 31, you can use several items at once to refresh Personal Tasks. From VIP level 32, this function is available for Premium Tasks, and for Clan Tasks from level 33. This allows you to refresh the list multiple times, instantly complete all the Tasks, and receive a reward for doing so. You can use up to 10,000 items at one time.

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