Capturing and holding the Place of Power

The Place of Power can have three statuses:

  • Open
  • Siege
  • Guarded

Open status

The location has this status until one Clan is the first to bring its troops there or until it dislodges the troops of another Clan already located there.

The Fortress returns to Open status after Guarded status expires, and also if the Clan that held the Place of Power was disbanded.

As soon as the Place of Power is captured by a Clan, it acquires Siege status.

Siege status

From this moment, a 1-hour countdown starts. The Clan must hold the Place of Power for this time. Clan members can send their reinforcements there, but no more than 50 troops, as there is a limit on the maximum number of reinforcements and warriors that can guard the Fortress.

During the Siege, all Jarls from other Clans can attack the Place of Power and send their scouts there.

If nobody drives out the troops of the Clan that is in the Place of Power within one hour, the location acquires Guarded status. If attackers manage to defeat the defenders of the Fortress, then the Siege status timer starts its 1-hour countdown again.

Guarded status

The Place of Power acquires Guarded status only if the Clan that captured the Fortress manages to hold it. Guarded status is active for 24 hours.

During this time, the Place of Power cannot be attacked, so troops sent on an attack before Guarded status appeared return to their Towns. If the troops that arrived at the Place of Power belong to a clanmate or an ally, they start protecting the Fortress as reinforcements.

After 24 hours, the Place of Power returns to Open status, which remains until the troops of another Clan dislodge the Fortress's defenders.

In battles for the Place of Power, it's important to know the following:

  • Boosts stop working when they expire, even if you're in the Fortress. Watch the boost timers, or you may lose the battle.
  • You can extend an expiring boost or activate a new one without waiting for the troops to return after attacking the Place of Power.
  • You cannot capture the Place of Power if you're not a Clan member.
  • During global Competitions, you can attack and capture the Place of Power in an enemy Kingdom and receive points.

In an enemy Kingdom

During global Competitions, you can attack and capture the Place of Power in an enemy Kingdom. The rules are the same as those for the home Kingdom, with two additional stipulations:

  • If there are any troops in the Place of Power when a global Competition ends, they will return to their Jarl's Town, and the Town will be automatically relocated back to its home Kingdom.
  • The Place of Power retains Guarded status until the timer runs out, even if the Clan that had captured and had been holding the Fortress returned to its home Kingdom when the Competition ended.
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