Errors that occur on external services

Sometimes in Vikings: War of Clans, you may encounter issues that do not stem from the game developers' side, but rather from external services (for example, payment or synchronization services). Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do in these situations, but we can outline the steps you should follow to help you resolve the issue.

First, please pay attention to the error message itself. If the error window is designed in the corporate style of the relevant service (the app store, payment system, etc.), rather than the game's own style, it means that the issue is not on the developers' side. After you receive the message, contact the service provider, and describe the issue. If the service provider is unable to help you, please contact our Support Team.

Let's delve in detail into the elements of the game that are directly connected to external services.

Making purchases

Google Play, App Store, Facebook

If you are having issues making purchases, first please check whether your payment has been processed by the payment system. A payment receipt from Google Play, the App Store, or Facebook should arrive in the email account that is linked to your account in Google Play or the App Store.

You can also find the payment in your payment history:

  • The instructions for Google Play can be found here.
  • The instructions for the App Store can be found here.
  • The instructions for Facebook can be found here.

If the payment is displayed in your purchase history but the in-game items have not been credited to your account, please contact our Support Team. Attach the payment receipt or a screenshot of your purchase history in Google Play, the App Store, or Facebook.

If the purchase is not displayed in Google Play, the App Store, or Facebook, you should contact the support service of the relevant service and inquire about the status of the payment. In this case, you will need the receipts from the system you used to pay for the purchases.

Please note: Plarium employees don't have access to information from your bank or the payment system you used. If the payment was not processed, we won't be able to help you, since we don't have the necessary data about purchases to send to the app stores.

Plarium Play and Plarium.com

These platforms are linked to several payment systems that are managed by our company. If you have questions about purchases that were made on Plarium Play or Plarium.com, contact our Support Team. Attach to your inquiry any proof that the funds for the purchase were debited from your account.

When a purchase is made on Plarium Play and Plarium.com, the payment may not be debited from your account instantly. In some cases, the process occurs as follows:

  • When making the payment, the funds are not debited, but reserved in the bank account instead
  • Immediately afterwards, the content is credited to the game account
  • After several days (from three to ten), the funds are debited from the account

Often, banks send notifications to their clients regarding the reservation of funds and when they are actually debited from the account. Since the funds are debited after several days, you may be concerned that money was removed for something else. In this case, we recommend that you read notifications from your bank carefully and check your purchase history thoroughly. Often, the date of the purchase for which the money has been debited is stated there.

Please note: all prices on offers in Vikings: War of Clans are fixed. Any additional charges, taxes, or fees that are added to the cost of an offer are entirely regulated by the laws of the country where the payment is processed, and by the rules of the payment system that is used.

Synchronizing and restoring your game progress

In Vikings: War of Clans, you can synchronize and/or restore your progress through our company service (Plarium ID) and external services (Google Play, the App Store, and Facebook). Read more about this in the "Linking and restoring your account" section.

If you have any problems using Plarium ID, don't hesitate to contact our Support Team.

When you try to restore or synchronize your account with Google Play, the App Store, or Facebook, the error window that appears will be in the corresponding style (and it will most likely redirect you to the relevant service). Please contact customer support for the relevant service and inquire whether everything is OK with your account. If you receive confirmation that all is in order on the service's side, please contact us.

No matter which service (external or internal) you are having issues with, include the following information when contacting our Support Team:

  • The identification number (ID) of the account (you can find this in the User ID section of the Menu).
  • Your name in Vikings: War of Clans.
  • The name of the Clan of which you are a member.
  • The number of your Kingdom and the coordinates of your Town.
  • Receipts from Google Play or Facebook showing any payments for Bank offers.
  • Screenshots or a video recording of every step you take when synchronizing or restoring the game. These are necessary so that our support specialists can see at which stage the issue appears.
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