Rounding numbers in Vikings: War of Clans

From time to time, we receive questions related to the rounding of various stats in the game. For example, some of you may have experienced a situation when an Uber Invader's health was 0.00%, but one or more hits were still required to destroy the Uber Invader. This happens when the foe's remaining health is a value with three decimal places (for example, 0.009%), but since the window size is restricted, the game automatically rounds this number down (to 0.00%). Let's delve in detail into these situations.

Why is this necessary?

In Vikings, stats don't always fit into their allocated space in the interface, and there are also some cases when using numbers that are too long is simply not necessary. That's why the game has a system whereby all non-integer numbers are rounded down.

To what stats does rounding apply?

  • The amount of resources on the panel. In the Town, these are Food, Lumber, Stone, Iron, Silver, and Gold (in Vikings: War of Clans, Gold is also a resource), and in the Clan Stronghold — Ale, Timber, Steel, Plates, and Thoriars.

Please note that we use letters to denote the amount of resources: K for thousands, M for millions, and B for billions.

For example, let's say you have 45 billion Gold. On the panel, this will be displayed as 45B. If you receive another 500 Gold, the Gold will go into your treasury, but the number on the panel won't change, since 45,000,000,000 + 500 = 45,000,000,500, which is still 45B when rounded.

  • The amount of resources or the number of items that are required to start processes in the Town and in the Clan Stronghold. The quantity of resources or items that are required for building construction, Knowledge learning, upgrades in the Valkyries' Citadel, Aesir enhancement, warrior training, gems and runes fusing, and equipment crafting are rounded.
  • Percentages. The health stats of Invaders, Uber Invaders, Uber Invader Chiefs, and Ghosts are all rounded down.

In Vikings: War of Clans, help is available to all players. If you have questions concerning the rounding of numbers, please contact us. You can read how to make an inquiry in the right way in the "Recommendations for contacting support" article.

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