Aesir are the gods of Asgard, who can be summoned* and enhanced in the Sanctuary of the Aesir. Their patronage and blessing affect warrior stats and Town development.

To build the Sanctuary of the Aesir, you need a Palace of at least level 18. The Aesir tab displays all Aesir that exist in the game. You can always view the bonuses each one gives, but to receive support from certain gods and unlock new levels of their power, you need to upgrade this building.

* Aes summoning here means the temporary activation of an Aes. Not to be confused with Shaman summoning.

Aes enhancement

Northern gods are listed in the Aesir tab. To receive support from any Aes, you must enhance the Aes to level one.

The requirements for leveling up an Aes vary depending on the Aes: some can be leveled up using resources, others can only be enhanced using Gold, while still others can only have their level increased using Soul Shards.

You can get it:

  • For killing enemy warriors from foreign Kingdoms
  • For destroying neutral troops that defend Towers of Fury
  • For destroying troops led by jötunns during a Stronghold siege
  • For killing Island Guards during Holmgang

You can find opponents during global Competitions, in the vast lands of Jotunheim, and while Siege status in the Stronghold is active.

The number of all the Soul Shards you have is displayed in the My Items window, Resources tab.

You can apply speed-ups during the Aes enhancement process. Bonuses from VIP status don't affect Aes enhancement, however, nor do free autocompletion or help from Clan members.

If you've started enhancing an Aes using resources, you can only perform another enhancement using resources once the current process is complete. If you cancel the Aes enhancement, the resources or items spent won't be refunded.

After an Aes has been enhanced, you won't be able to return this Aes to the previous level.

To quickly access Aesir and boosts, add them to Favorites by hitting the star in the Aes information window, or in the Boosts window. Please note: an Aes that has been summoned is automatically added to Favorites while this Aes is active.

Influence received for enhancing Aesir doesn't count towards your score in Competitions. It is displayed in the Palace (in the Influence category of the Statistics tab).

Aes bonuses and recovery

Every Aes grants various bonuses.

Patronage — permanent bonuses that are activated after the Aes is enhanced to the first level. They are active regardless of whether the Aes is summoned or not.

Blessing — temporary bonuses that are active for a certain amount of time, after which the Aes needs to recover. To receive a blessing, you need to summon an Aes. To do this:

  1. Open the Sanctuary of the Aesir.
  2. Go to the Aesir tab.
  3. Select the necessary god.
  4. Hit "Summon".
To summon an Aes, you don't need resources or items, but an Aes must be enhanced to level 1 or higher.

When an Aes is enhanced, the duration and strength of the blessing increases, and recovery time decreases.

The blessing expires together with the timer or when you summon another patron. You can summon the Aes again after a certain time, once the Aes has recovered.

During recovery, bonuses from patronage are still active.

You can enhance any number of gods and use the blessing bonuses of each of them, but only one blessing can be active at a time. Summoning a new Aes will cancel the current blessing, and the previous Aes will go to recovery.

Bonuses from patronage and blessing (if an Aes has been summoned) are displayed in the Palace statistics and in battle reports.

There are also special bonuses related to the Aesir's Elements. Read more about them under the heading "War of the Aesir."

War of the Aesir

Aesir belong to various Elements, each of which has its own advantages. There are three Elements in total: Earth, Fire, and Ice. 

Bonuses in the War of the Aesir: 

  • Earth Aesir give a bonus to troop offense against Fire Aesir.
  • Fire Aesir give a bonus to offense against Ice Aesir.
  • Ice Aesir give a bonus to offense against Earth Aesir.

Bonuses in the War of the Aesir are applied only if your Aes and the enemy's Aes are of the opposing Elements. Find out beforehand which Element the enemy's Aes belongs to and summon an Aes that will give you a bonus to troop offense. 

If your opponent has a Fire Aes, then you'll have the advantage if you summon an Earth Aes. If your opponent has an Ice Aes, then summon a Fire Aes, etc. 

To find out which Aes the Jarl has, go to the Jarl's profile

If the Jarl has activated the Disguise item, information about the summoned Aes, the Shaman, and the equipment being used by the Hero will be hidden. 

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