Battle for Asgard. End of the Competition and rewards

When the Battle for Asgard is over, your Town is automatically relocated to your home Kingdom. If you are performing any actions at that time, all of these actions will be canceled and your troops will immediately return to your Town.

By reaching checkpoints and taking the top places in the Battle for Asgard Competition ranking, Clans receive Medals of the Aesir — a special currency used to make purchases in the Asgard Store.

The Asgard Store is a tab in the Clan Store. Here, Clan Chiefs can spend Medals of the Aesir to buy various items, pieces of equipment, Town Skins, and Hero's Skins, which they can then send to members of their Clan, including themselves.

The Asgard Store updates periodically, and the quantity of items and pieces of equipment in it is limited.

Only the Clan Chief can purchase and gift items and pieces of equipment from the Asgard Store.

Jarls who have been sent a gift by their Clan Chief will receive a message in their mail.

If the Chief disbands the Clan, the Medals of the Aesir that have been accumulated by the Clan will be lost.

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