Battle for Asgard

The Battle for Asgard is a legendary Competition for Clans. It takes place in a separate world called Asgard. Clans capture Asgard Towers and make their way from the edges of the map to the central Fortress. Clans earn points by holding Towers.

By passing checkpoints and taking one of the top places in the Competition ranking, a Clan receives Medals of the Aesir. The Clan's Chief can spend these Medals in the Asgard Store tab of the Clan Store to purchase pieces of equipment and items, which they can then send to their clanmates. Read more about this in the "End of the Competition and rewards" subsection.

To find out when the Competition starts and ends, its tasks, and other information:

  • Open the Competitions tab in the Events window and select the block of the "Battle for Asgard" Competition
  • Select the icon of the active Battle for Asgard Competition on the Global Map or Kingdoms Map
  • Check it out in the News of the North window

For your Clan to be able to participate in the Battle for Asgard, it must have been created no later than 24 hours before the Competition was announced.

Rules in Asgard:

  • The Chief cannot disband the Clan or transfer power to a clanmate.
  • Jarls cannot quit their Clan, create a new one, or join another Clan.
  • Neither the Chief nor the Elders can expel a Jarl from the Clan.
  • Jarls earn Soul Shards by killing any warriors except for those belonging to players from their home Kingdom.

To communicate with Competition participants in Asgard, go to the Asgard Chat.

Read more about the Competition in the following subsections:

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