Battle for the Throne. Town relocation

Jarls who are Clan members relocate to Jotunheim by using the special Guide to Jotunheim item. You can only relocate to the world of eternal ice during the Battle for the Throne.

The Guide to Midgard item allows you to return to your home Kingdom from Jotunheim before the Competition ends.

You can purchase the Guide to Jotunheim and Guide to Midgard in the Item Store (Bonuses section), in the Clan Store, as part of Bank offers, or in the location information window in Jotunheim. Jarls can also receive both items for free in the legendary Competition block in the Events window.

After you go to Jotunheim, a Town's Echo — a special object that prevents other Jarls from occupying your land — will remain in your Town's place in your home Kingdom. Your Town will return to its previous place after the Battle for the Throne ends, or after being idle for 8 hours in Jotunheim.

When in Jotunheim, you can relocate within it by using the Relocation and Random Relocation items. If when relocating to Jotunheim you have an active Peace Treaty, Town Skin, or Repute assigned by the Konung, they'll remain active there. Remember, however, that you can't be in the Forest of Rocks if a Peace Treaty is active in your Town.

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